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Carol LookWe all have a limited amount of hours in the day, says EFT Master Carol Look, my guest today on the Money & Manifestation Summit.If we want to increase our wealth, we need to let go of the idea that having more money equals working harder or longer, because it doesn’t.

Many people subconsciously think harder work and more money must be connected, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) helps people to directly confront the energy blocks that are keeping them from manifesting what they want.

Combining acupuncture and affirmations, EFT is a really fast and practical method to raise your vibration and release your subconscious blocks. Carol even helped me work through one of my own financial issues during today’s interview!

money quote rhonda byrne loaReleasing Money Traumas

Earlier today I received an email about an opportunity for an investment, and my immediate thought was one of regret. I thought, “Oh, it sure would be nice to have the extra money to do that, but I don’t have it.”

When I brought this up to Carol, she asked me about my last experience with investments, and it was horrible. We lost a lot of money, and it still makes me upset. When she asked me to rate my distress, on a scale of 1 to 10, my answer was a definite ten. Just thinking about the experience tightened my shoulders and made me feel resentful.

So Carol did what she does best: she guided me through an EFT sequence. We tapped on specific acupuncture points, at the ends of my energy meridians, on my hands, on my face, where the energy is easy to access. While tapping, I repeated the affirmations she gave me: “This old trauma is blocking me. I didn’t know I was so traumatized by what happened. I accept who I am and how I feel. I deeply love and accept myself.” Then a minute later she asked me to remember the same thing that caused me so much distress, and I was surprised to find so much of my distress was just gone!

Identify Your Point of Resistance

Most people have some sort of money trauma, Carol says. When she says to someone, ‘You have a trauma around money,’ they will say, ‘how did you know?’ You cant just fix a trauma like this with your mind, you have to go into the cellular energy of the body and release it. That’s what EFT is specifically designed to do.

Every human being has an energy system. That’s where we lodge all of our fears and blocks – not in our mind, or in our muscles, but in our energy system. When you are offered opportunities for creating more abundance in the world, because of your fears, feelings, and beliefs, you can produce resistance to it.

That specific point of resistance you feel – that is what you are tapping against, with EFT. Carol starts by having you say or think things that are increasingly difficult for you to bear, but not so difficult your brain will reject the idea entirely. If you are making $50,000 per year, for example, Carol wouldn’t want you to visualize making a million dollars. Instead, she recommends imagining $10,000 more, and then $20,000 more, until you hit a number that feels uncomfortable. That is the point where you begin tapping, because that next level up is where your true resistance is.

“You can’t change your behavior first, you have to change your energy system.” – Carol Look

With EFT you can directly confront your energy blocks. You don’t need to eradicate all your issues, just start with the way you feel about money right now – what Carol calls your “tappable issue.”


Carol guided me to go beyond my problem, and got me to a place where there is no longer a problem, there is only a solution. This is how EFT works, Carol says – you get right into the stress, and do the tapping while you are in the state of stress, and this will bring the stress level down. When we are stressed, the neocortex shuts down, and the amygdala takes over, putting us into ‘fight or flight’ response. We can’t manifest anything when we are in fight or flight!

EFT tapping relieves your feelings, your fears, and your beliefs, and keeps them from dominating your emotional state. Using Carol’s exercises, I was able to identify precisely what is preventing me from manifesting more money. You can follow along with the different tapping sequences she guided me through, by watching the interview replay; or you can purchase her ‘Energy of Money’ package, which is full of hours of EFT points and affirmations that are specifically designed to increase your vibration around money.