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Dr Joe Vitale

“You never have to worry about money,” says Dr Joe Vitale, today’s guest on the Money & Manifestation Summit. Worrying about money doesn’t ever help. Worry will not propel you to take action, it doesn’t solve your problems, and it definitely doesn’t help you to attract or manifest. Worrying is, simply, the worst thing you can do when you’re broke.

Decades ago, when Joe was poor and homeless, he worried about money all the time. Then he began studying the works of Neville Goddard, a New Thought author and a pioneer of the early Law of Attraction movement.

Neville taught his students to feel what they wanted, and feel it as if it had already happened.

Feel that you are already wealthy, right now. Imagine that it has already happened this morning. What does that feel like? Using his methods, Joe was able to completely turn his life around, by changing his mindset about money.

Feeling Good About Money

joe-vitale-quoteYou may have heard the phrase, “Money is the root of all evil.” Dr Vitale reminded our listeners that the actual biblical passage reads, “The *love* of money is the root of all evil.” How we feel about money is really important, especially if we are trying to manifest more money.

Can you imagine having a relationship with a person the way that you have a relationship with money? You ignore it most of the time, you don’t like to talk about it, and anytime you directly address money, it’s only to complain or to worry about it. That is not a healthy relationship, and it will make money stay away from you.

Affirmations of Abundance

Joe turned his life around when he was finally able to make peace with money. He rattled off a few statements to describe his current relationship with money that were, I could tell, just how he habitually thought about it all the time:

  • There is more than enough
  • I am worthy of the first class of everything
  • The more I spend the more I receive
  • The more I give the more I receive

Joe’s relationship with money is very flowing. He doesn’t fear money, he doesn’t hoard money, he circulates and spends money freely, knowing that there is always more.


“Life is an optical illusion,” he said, “and you can live in a world of abundance or a world of scarcity.” Every hour, 1.3 trillion dollars changes hands in the world. When you look at it from the perspective of abundance, there is nothing to fear, and there is always enough.

You Deserve To Be Wealthy

When you feel that money is good, and you are good, and you are continually grateful for the money that comes into your life (and grateful for the money that goes out of your life, too!) this allows you to do the things that make money come to you. Most people reach an invisible barrier to having too much money in their lives, and that is what is keeping them from manifesting money. Nobody else is keeping you from making more, it’s only us, and our beliefs, that are limiting us.

The two things you can do to overcome those limiting beliefs, says Dr Vitale, are to feel appreciation for money, and to *act*. Taking action is the key ingredient that most people miss when they are trying to work with the Law of Attraction – they do it all in their head, instead of manifesting in the real world.


Joe once held a teleseminar called, “How to Attract a New Car.” He showed his students, step by step, how to visualize, attract, and manifest a new car, and the results were incredible! He has included recordings of this teleseminar in a huge package called “Millionaire Mindset Secrets,” and I’ve been loving this material. Watch the interview replay below, and you’ll see the details of his special offer, available only to Aware Show listeners.