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Christy Whitman

“Money is the easiest thing to create,” says Christy Whitman, my guest today on the Money & Manifestation Summit, “because it is energy – green energy.” Money doesn’t have opinions, or desires, or agendas – it is just energy, pure and simple.

As human beings, we are meaning-makers. We are the ones who make money mean something, but if we look at money neutrally, and we befriend the energy of money, it can flow into our lives as easily as water flows into our house.

When you feel that you are satisfied with money, then many of your financial problems go away, Christy says, due to the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance. She says that if we find ourselves in financial lack, it is because we are not in alignment with this Universal Law, and Christy has become an expert in helping people align their energy and change their vibration through guided meditation.

Guided Meditation for Abundance

My quickest fix is doing things in my unconscious mind. Meditation and visualization are they ways that I can instantly change what I am attracting in my life, and Christy and I got to dive deep into the mechanics of how this works.

Everything in the universe is energy. We send out vibrations by aligning with what we want to manifest, and if we do it with a clear signal, it comes back to you. If we are vibrating from a place of lack and desperation, then that is precisely what we will manifest.

“In order to change your financial state, you need to change your vibration.”- Christy Whitman

Think of yourself as an energy tower that is always emitting energy, from high positive vibrations, to low negative vibrations.

Your vibration goes out into the universe and matches up with similar energy. Those energies are aligned with you, and they will show up in your life. If you need to change the energies that are showing up for you, then change the vibrations that you are putting out. The fastest and surest method I know of for doing this is guided meditation.


When you go into a guided meditation, and you are working with your energy, and getting all the different parts of yourself aligned, it is much easier to manifest.

When you are doing that internal energetic shifting, thats when your outer reality will shift.

As within, so without.

The best place to manifest anything, Christy says, is being happy and satisfied with where you are right now, and looking ahead at what’s coming, and getting excited.


The Law of Attraction Always Works

There was a caller into today’s show who said, “The Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me,” and I couldn’t help but think, “Aren’t you manifesting the very thing you are thinking about?” As an energetic being, we are either calling things to us, or repelling things from us, Christy says, and this caller was not receiving. “It’s like you’re in kindergarten and expecting yourself to be a master student,” she told the caller. Even though the caller was reciting affirmations, and trying to do positive thinking, she wasn’t manifesting what she wanted.

The universe isn’t listening to our thoughts. It’s picking up the vibration of our emotions. We are all vibrations, from our thoughts to our emotions, and our emotions happen to be the strongest vibrations we have. If you don’t change the state you are in, the universe wont hear your words. When you really own your own value, and appreciate your present moment with gratitude, money loves that, and is attracted to that vibration.

The Law of Attraction works for every single person, every single time. Its a law, like gravity, and it doesn’t work for some people sometimes and other people other times. It is always working.


The Seven Universal Laws

  1. The Law of Attraction – what you send out comes back, vibrationally
  2. The Law of Deliberate Creation – what you give your thought to, you create
  3. The Law of Allowing – when you are going to receive something, you don’t go with a closed fist. you have an open hand
  4. The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance – the secret to getting is having
  5. The Law of Pure potentiality – at one point, everything was unmanifested energy
  6. The Law of Detachment – you have intentions, but don’t require the details
  7. The Law of Polarity – there is a spectrum between opposites

You can dive deeper into how you can apply these 7 universal laws in your life by signing up for Christy’s free 7-video series on her website.

Aligning with Abundance

There is a big difference between lack and abundance, and I’m sure you have felt it. When you are worried about money, or complaining about not having enough, or living away from a state of gratitude, you are in a state of lack. The Universe will match that.

When you are in alignment with abundance, the Universe will match that, too. You can deliberately put yourself into alignment with the universal energy of abundance, by listening to a guided meditation, or going deep into a visualization, and the conditions of lack will leave you.


The doorway to abundance is a place called sufficiency. This is the middle ground between abundance and lack. If you are having trouble visualizing complete abundance, try visualizing sufficiency, having enough in every area of your life.

Vibrate in that space of success, Christy advises, feel it in every cell of your body, and then expand it.

Who Is Sabotaging Your Success?

One of the things I love about Christy’s work is her ‘sub-personalities.’ I had always thought of these as ‘belief systems’ or as ‘limiting beliefs,’ but Christy personifies the parts of ourselves that sabotage our success, and urges us to open a dialogue with them.

“All these sub-personalities are a part of your success team, and they are trying to help you how they know best,” she said in the interview today. These sub-personalities are the little parts of your personality that make up the whole of you, and each one is there to protect you in some way.

In Christy’s Law of Attraction coaching practice, she helps her clients go into a visualization to meet these personalities, find out what they are afraid of, and enroll them in creating the grander vision. Typically if we meet something that is sabotaging us, we would get angry, but these sub-personalities are just a part of ourselves, and all they want to do is help us.

Creating the space for these sub-personalities to be heard can prevent them from sabotaging you in the future. They just want to make sure you are safe and protected, so if you go into a visualization and meet with them, and assure them that having more money will not be threatening to you for the reasons they think, then they can become your greatest allies, instead of holding you back. If you’re really committed to doing the work, and changing your financial state for the better, this is a wonderful way for you to do it.

Manifest Abundance In Your Life

Christy is offering a free one-hour Law of Attraction coaching session to everyone who purchases her “Magnetizing and Manifesting Abundance” package, a collection of guided meditation and coaching programs, which she is offering at a discounted price for the Aware Show family. Watch the interview replay, and get a taste for yourself at the 53 minute mark of the guided meditation that Christy provides.