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What an incredible summit on wealth building and abundance! The Money & Manifestation Summit was an investigation into the mechanics of the Law of Attraction, and how it can be specifically applied to making money.

During this summit, I had the privilege of interviewing ten masters of money and wealth. These successful authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs all have one thing in common: they have a healthy relationship with money.

But they weren’t always that way! Like most of us, these masters of Money and Manifestation have struggled, and they know first-hand what it’s like to fight for every dollar.

What I found so interesting is that none of my guests from this summit struggle now. They have all developed tools and techniques to live at ease with money, and often, this breakthrough revelation came to them before their riches.

If I could distill all that I have learned in this summit into one takeaway, it would be this: you have to feel the way you want to feel, in order to attract the conditions that naturally generate that feeling.

After every interview, I turned my camera back on to collect my most immediate thoughts, right after the interview. Watch these brief highlight videos, and if one of my interviews touches on a subject you are working on within yourself right now, do yourself a favor and watch the interview replay.


You can also click on the name of any one of my guests, to read a more in-depth recap of the interview, with quotes and highlights laid out for you to read.

If you find and interview that gets you really excited, or gives you deep insights, then consider purchasing the Special Offer that the guest has provided. You can find the details of each Offer on the same website page as the interview replay. I make every effort to collect the finest transformational material for our audience, because I know that you, my dear listeners, are the catalysts for positive growth and change in the world.


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