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Jack Canfield

“It’s your job to take care of your financial life, just like it’s your job to take care of your body,” says Jack Canfield, today’s guest on the Money & Manifestation Summit. “Nobody owes you a living, nobody owes you a retirement, you have to earn it for yourself.”

Earning your own fortune, and mastering your own success, is something that Jack Canfield (the man often called America’s #1 Success Coach) has trained thousands of people how to do.

He wasn’t gifted with an easy-to-read book on success when he was first starting out, so he wrote that book for others. His recent bestselling book The Success Principles is based on the 3000 books he has read on the subject of achievement, and the 600 seminars he has taken, making the study of success his life’s work. Jack also studied by the side of W. Clement Stone, the former editor of Success Magazine, to learn firsthand the principles that create successful outcomes.

The Success Principles distills the 64 most essential principles you should learn if you want to be successful. He said during our interview today that if someone could only read one book in their whole life on being successful, he wanted this book to contain everything they would need to be a success in their life and career.

What’s All This Money For?

One of the reasons I like these interview summits so much is it gives us a chance to take the conversation into some really abstract and interesting directions. Jack is an undeniable success; he is very wealthy, very well known, and has sold more than 500 million copies of his books. Anything he wants to do in the world, he can do it. So we started to talk about what all this money was really for.

jack-canfield-quote-adventure-meaning-lifeWhile Jack does enjoy the possessions he has accumulated, what really lights him up, and you can see it when he’s talking, is giving wealth to other people. He talked excitedly about some of the charity work he was involved with, and he shared an insightful revelation he had about the price of a bottle of wine.

He was out to dinner with Alex Mandossian, a guest from last year’s Money & Manifestation Summit, and ordered a $38 bottle of wine. Alex acted surprised, and said “With all your wealth, Jack, I’d have thought you would get a $100 bottle of wine!”

Jack’s response really touched me. He said, “That $62 difference can pay for a month of school for a child in Africa.”

When you make your monetary choices on such a scale, then having lots of wealth simply becomes the means to do good in the world. Jack sees his wealth as a stewardship more than a personal achievement, and I really honor him for that. He shared that he and his wife recently changed their wills, to reduce the amount they left to their children by 75%, so that more of his fortune could be given to charity.

“What do I want my money to do in the world?” he asked. And he answered, every day, with his visualizations, and his intentions, and his emotions.

The Visualization of Success

successful-people-maintain-a-positive-_jack-canfield-quoteThe first step to success is deciding where you want to go. Jack has his students write out the visual of their ideal life. What is your relationship like? Who are you working with? What are you driving? You paint the picture, vividly, and then break it out into measurable goals.

Having this picture is extremely important, because it will inform the split-second decisions you make in your day-to-day life. Jack was visualizing a $100,000 annual income, even though it was uncomfortable for him, because his mentor W. Clement Stone challenged him to do it.

At the time, he was making $300 a day selling his books to schools and giving talks on self esteem. While he was talking with someone who was making $800 a day, Jack overcame his fear of talking about money, and asked him how he got paid so much more.

“I ask for it!” the friend told him. “I just ask for it and they pay me.” So, Jack tried it. The next time someone asked him what his fee was, he said “$600,” and they said, “Great,” and paid it. The next time he asked for even more, and he got it.

He tripled his fee as a result of that one conversation, and it may never have happened, if he was not keeping to his visualization practice.

The Reticular Activating System

“Whats happening in your left foot right now?” he asked, and I was surprised to find out that I had no idea. “You probably didn’t notice it until I said something,” he said, but now that I was thinking about it, I could I could sense everything about it. The sensations and perceptions were there all along, but they were being blocked by the Reticular Activating System, what Jack calls the ‘gatekeeper’ that prevents you from seeing things in your environment that are already there.

You may already have the conditions around you to make a fortune, but your RAS doesn’t know to let those perceptions into your mind. Spending time visualizing your goals regularly will overcome that barrier, and let these new opportunities through.


Daily Gratitude Practice

When I asked Jack to describe his daily gratitude practice, he said he needed 7 minutes to do it, because that’s how long it took him to do his gratitude practice every morning.

Then he demonstrated a sample of his daily Rampage of Appreciation. If you’ve read any of the works of Abraham, and Jerry and Esther Hicks, then you will recognize this as one of the most mood-boosting practices you can involve yourself in. And Jack does it every morning!

He went into an impromptu appreciation session during the interview, and I found myself surrounded by gratitude for this world, and this man, and this conversation we were having, and all the good he does in the world. If you are looking for one daily practice to change your life for the better, I think this is the one.

“By being grateful for what you have, through the Law of Attraction, that creates a vibration that attracts more into your life to be grateful for. We know that the vibration you want to have at all times is the one you would have when you’ve gotten the stuff you wanted. The only vibration you need is gratitude and joy.” – Jack Canfield

Changing Your Response to Succeed

When Jack first decided to write The Success Principles, he made a list of 114, and then narrowed it down to a list of 64, with titles like, “Tell the Truth Faster,” “Stay Focused On Your Core Genius,” and “Act As If.” Each of these principles will help you get what you want out of life, if you practice them regularly.

One of my favorite Success Principles is his formula, E+R=O:

Event + Response = Outcome

If you are not getting the outcome you want, and you cannot change the events in your life, then change your Response. That is something you always have control over, and if you angle the correct response to just about any kinds of Event, you can get the Outcome you desire.

Jack has a 30-day program that helps his students to work through The Success Principles every day. (This program is part of the offer that he has graciously discounted for The Aware Show listeners – see more about that below.) During this 30 day program, you create your own personal wealth profile, decide on the goals you want to achieve in your life, and spend time visualizing those goals every day, As If you have already achieved them.


Practicing Success

“You can develop any quality by practicing. You simply have to practice.” – Jack Canfield

When Jack was first starting out, he wasn’t nearly as funny as he is today. His sister came to one of his seminars, and giving the candid feedback that only siblings can give, she said, “If having more self-esteem means that I have to be like you, I don’t want any part of it.” Shocked, Jack asked her, “Why not?” She replied, “Because you’re not any fun!”

Jack took this criticism to heart, and got a bunch of comedy tapes from famous comedians. He listened to them all the time, and started memorizing jokes. Then he started telling jokes, and with enough practice, he developed his own sense of humor.

Your own sense of success can grow, as well, if you practice being successful. You can practice with one of the world’s best success coaches, in the offer on the replay page below.