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Dr Joe Vitale

“We know for a fact that energy follows thought,” says Hans King, today’s guest on the Money & Manifestation Summit. Hans is a medium and spiritual teacher who helps people to become totally abundant, and hold the intentions that will allow them to align with the very qualities they wish to attract into their lives.

When you come from an abundant place in your own heart, no matter what anyone does to you, or what experiences happen, you can never be un-abundant, unless you allow yourself to become so. This is why people can transform themselves from the depths of poverty and despair, and become multi-millionaires: they are abundant within.

Holding the Intention of Abundance

Abundance isn’t something we go out and get, Hans says. We are replications of the spirit, which is already abundant. Abundance is not separate from us, it IS us. If you are experiencing poverty or lack, you have to set your intention to feel only abundance, and stop funneling energy into the negative aspects of your life.

“Think this,” Hans advised one of our callers, “from this day forward, I am already abundant. All my needs are met.” You will need to hold that intention firmly over the mind chatter that will inevitably come and explain to you why that isn’t happening.

“The greatest destructive force in the universe is human mind chatter.” – Hans King

Mind chatter has no truth connected to it, but it can totally supersede the thoughts we intend to think, if we are not careful. We create everything in our own life, after all, and we can become victims of our own creation, if we allow our mind chatter to dominate our thinking.

Holding an intention is more than just reciting an affirmation, Hans warns. You can’t just verbalize something and expect it to manifest – you have to hold it in your heart. Hand it over to Spirit, and say, ‘please do for me that which is for my highest good.’


Somebody once wanted to attend one of Hans’ workshops, and didn’t have the money for the ticket, so she said, “Thank you Spirit for the money to attend this workshop.” She held it in her heart, and felt the feelings of gratitude and excitement that would accompany the unexpected funds for this ticket. Two days later she received a check from a tax board saying she had overpaid her taxes, and the check was for the exact amount of the workshop.

Something that this successful manifestor did not do – she did not try, or want.

Manifesting Abundance with the Law of Attraction

Abundance is not something we ask for, it is a state of being. Hans advises his students to stop trying, it is the trying itself that is getting in the way of being it. Let yourself be the thing you are looking for, and you will no longer be separate from it.

“Whenever you say you want something, you are saying you don’t have it.” – Hans King


Say to yourself, “This is what I am going to do and be and have, thank you Spirit,” and enjoy that feeling. Don’t concentrate on your lack of money, or wanting money, instead be grateful for the money and abundance that you already have. Don’t try for something, blend with it. Don’t try to be someone different, you need to love yourself exactly as you are today. “Come to that place in your heart, and watch your life change,” Hans says.

Hans teaches his students how to do this in virtual a prayer circle, bringing the souls of everyone together with our collected guides, and leads us to a place of pure abundance, to experience that feeling together. He has collected more than 24 hours of video workshops in an exclusive offer titled ‘Modern Abundance,’ and has generously included PDF workbooks and MP3 guided meditations to assist you in setting a pure intention. If you are struggling with finding alignment with your own inner abundance, this package will give you all the tools you need.