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lisa-garr-4My name is Lisa Garr. Several years ago, I suffered a brain injury during a California State Championship mountain bike race. I fell down a long mountain to the bottom, cracking my helmet in 13 places.

I had a near death experience while lying on the side of the mountain, until the helicopter medics came to transport me to the nearest hospital. This experience transformed my level of consciousness.

I was unable to speak, to move, or to form coherent thoughts. My brain was damaged, but I encountered something very rare; during this experience, I had a glimpse of the Awareness that encompasses us all.

Becoming Aware is the story of my physical recovery, and my journey to greater awareness.

Some of the visualizations and mental exercises I used to regain control of my brain have been used by ancient masters in the field of consciousness and meditation for centuries. Others have been developed by modern brain researchers investigating the latest developments in neuroscience.

By combining ancient and modern consciousness exercises, I was able to rebuild my brain, and help others to increase their own awareness. My new book Becoming Aware, published by Hay House, is more than just my own story; it is a guide for anyone who wants to increase their own awareness, and use the mighty power of their own brain deliberately and consciously to change their own life.

becoming-aware-book-3D6How Becoming Aware Changed My Life

Before my accident, I was…

  • Distant in my relationships
  • Distracted in my business
  • Unfocused on my direction in life
  • Unaware of my true purpose in life
  • Stuck in daily patterns that did not serve my highest good

Once I had the experience of losing control of my own brain, everything was immediately put into perspective. Things that had seemed so urgent and important turned out to be inconsequential. Things I had been ignoring because I was so ‘busy,’ like the smell of a breeze or holding the hand of a dear friend, suddenly became my priorities.

I created The Aware Show to bring balance to my own life, between my passion for spiritual growth and working in the entertainment industry. I am learning, just like many listeners, and I make it a point to have guests give examples of how to apply their philosophies to every day living. I bring into my conversations real life situations, even aspects of my own life that will help clarify concepts. And with so many different angles presented by the different guests, I invite the listeners to hear what philosophies resonate with them and become empowered by making conscious choices.

“I’ve always known Lisa Garr was a special person, but I had no idea—until reading her book—of all the things she’d lived through to become the bright light she is today. There is something very wise and embracing about Lisa—when she showers you with that profound kindness of hers, it changes you. Now everybody who reads Becoming Aware can have that experience, and we’ll all be better off for it. I’ve been hoping Lisa would take her great talents and express them in the words of a book, and I’m delighted to help tell all the world that it’s here. This book is like taking a marvelous journey with a wonderful new friend, and what she reveals on your adventure will stay with you forever.”
— Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love


“Becoming Aware will give you the tools for and inspire you to visualize your ideal future.
Lisa will take you from where you are to where you need to be.
I strongly encourage you to get a copy of this book.”

— Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

My hope and desire is that my new book, Becoming Aware, will help you to change the patterns in your own brain, and revitalize your own life. You can order the book online through one of the links below.



To celebrate the release of my first book, I also created the “Becoming Aware Guide,” a series of guided meditations that I have used for years, to bring myself into greater awareness. This Guide, which also contains special video instructions for my personal awareness-building techniques, will be available for 50% of the price we will offer it for after my book is released.

7 Video Lessons to Increase Your Awareness

  • The Elevator of Consciousness
  • Practical Business Tools
  • Going On a Noise Diet
  • Health and Eating
  • Conscious Parenting
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Spiritual Guidance

4 Guided Meditation MP3s

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Your Pinnacle Moment
  • Everything Changes
  • Expanded Consciousness

BONUS: My 2 Most Powerful Processes

  • Remembering Your Future
  • Jumping Into the Quantum

The Becoming Aware Guide is a distillation of all the wisdom I learned in bringing my brain, body and spirit back from the brink of death. No matter where you are in your life, my hope is that these techniques can bring you the same levels of improvement and enrichment that I have experienced from using them.

Purchase the Becoming Aware Guide here