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Lee Holden

“The breath will always be a reflection of how you feel,” says Lee Holden, my guest today on the Radiant Body Summit. If you’re getting tired by 2-3 in the afternoon, chances are you are breathing shallow. Your body wants to take a nap so that it can breathe deeply, and revitalize what Lee calls your “Body of Light.”

We can use breath to transform everyday stresses back into energy, and Lee teaches an ancient Eastern form of movement meditation called Qi Gong. ‘Qi’ (pronounced ‘chi’) in Chinese means ‘life force,’ and ‘Gong’ means ‘skill.’ The Qi Gong classes that Lee teaches are literally increasing your skill with your own life force.

The Power Of Breathing

You can get energy from lots of places – from the food you eat, or from the light shining on you, for example – but breathing is the most direct link to your internal energy system. When you are stressed out, you breathe shallow, and rapidly. When you’re sad, you hold on to your breath, and maybe sigh it out in a long exhale. And when you’re happy, and full of vitality, how do you breathe? The same way you breathe in practicing Qi Gong exercises: deep, full breaths, that expand your lungs with the life-giving oxygen that our bodies need to survive, to move, and even to think. Breath is so critical that we can only last a few minutes in this world without it, which is why Lee teaches people how to shift their inner energy with their breath. 


The Energy Of Your Radiant Body

Your energy body is a very real thing. Scientifically, we have proven that there is an electromagnetic field that expands from your heart up to 12 feet away from you. Our body doesn’t end at our skin – we can pick up and exchange emotional energy from people around us. In today’s modern world of wi-fi and cell phones, we know that energy and information is all around us, even though we can’t see it. While we are blind to our own energy body, we can still interact with it, and guide it, which is exactly what Qi Gong has helped practitioners do for thousands of years.

Short Energizing Exercises

“Doing Qi Gong in the park with the sunrise makes you feel like you’re in alignment with the cosmos,” Lee says. When you illuminate your energy body every morning, the little things that get us stressed out through the day tend to shift, and we move lee-holden-qigongthrough them with more ease and grace. A Qi Gong practice doesn’t have to take an hour, and you don’t have to go out to a gym and change clothes. Lee demonstrated a number of ‘Qi breaks,’ short exercises that you can do sitting at your desk, or standing in line, or whenever you need to increase your energy flow. “Instead of having a cup of coffee, try Knocking on the Door of Life,” he recommends. The 1 Minute Shake-It-Out break was really fun, and I was so surprised at how great I felt after pressing on an acupuncture point that he called “the point that heals a hundred problems.” The tension in my shoulders disappeared instantly!

Qi Gong For Stress Relief

Qi Gong is frequently used as a stress reliever, and Lee has worked with many large companies and Hollywood productions as an on-site wellness consultant, helping high performing people to relax, let go of stress, and perform at their best in life. Qi Gong can do the same for you, which is why I’m so excited about the offer that Lee has put together for the Aware Show audience.

His AM/PM workouts are perfect for starting and ending your day, and the repetition of watching these streaming videos will teach you the fundamental exercises of Qi Gong, and help you to open your own energetic pathways. He also created an all-new video especially for the Radiant Body summit, a 2-hour presentation with movement exercises, meditation, and the philosophy of Qi Gong as it specifically applies to the Radiant Body.

“I love the idea of a Radiant Body,” Lee said during our interview. “It’s what Qi Gong is all about: light, and energy, and expansion.” You will definitely feel more radiant after you watch the interview replay, and if you take him up on this offer, within a few weeks, you will be glowing.