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David Wolfe

“If you keep experimenting, you’re going to find out what works for you” says David Wolfe, today’s guest on the Radiant Body Summit. “Mix up the types of fats and oils you’ll eat and won’t eat, mix up the ratio of carbohydrates to proteins. See what works for you.”

As we get smarter with the technologies that are available for us to use, we can monitor our bodies and our diets with an incredible amount of detail. David and I are always sharing tips and tricks during our interviews, because we both see our bodies as laboratories that we can use to optimize our energy levels. During today’s interview, we covered some of the best ways to do that. 

Fine Tuning the Brain through Nutrition

By eating the right kind of foods in the right form, we can can enhance our brain function. We discussed spirulina, marine phytoplankton, and the different ways you can get a form of dietary fat called MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) out of coconut oil. MTCs have anti-viral properties and reduce carb cravings, which is why I had it in my protein shake this morning!

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How to Amplify the Nutrient Value of Food by 12 Fold

Antioxidants protect the integrity of our cells, and helping them live longer will help us live longer. Many of the antioxidants in our food are obliterated during the cooking process, so David recommends breaking up the matrix of the food, and adding a healthy oil such as olive oil, and heating it to sipping temperature.  This can increase the intake of some nutrients up to 12 fold, he says. 


Food Is Your Medicine

Healers from ancient times have all used nutrition as their medicine cabinet. Modern medicine can interfere with healing foods; the bioflavonoids in grapefruit, for example, are nullified by 50% of pharmaceuticals.

If you mess up with pharmaceuticals, there are all sorts of potential side effects that can put you in danger. If you mess up with food, you’re going to be alright.


A Gathering of the Greatest Minds in Nutrition and Wellness 

David regularly brings together some of the finest thinkers on health and healing. I was honored to be a part of his Women’s Wellness Conference last year, and the replay of my talk is part of the package that David has put together for the Aware Show listeners.