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Dr Tony O'Donnell

When Dr Tony O’Donnell, today’s guest on the Radiant Body Summit, was a boy growing up in Ireland, he lived off the land, eating the foods that he and his family grew with their own hands. During his interview on the Radiant Body Summit today, he described the difference between living on a farm in Ireland, and getting off the plane in America. He says he got a smoker’s cough just from breathing the pollution in the air!

Thankfully, he has Radiant Greens to help him process the pollutants we have here in LA, and detoxify his body. Dr O’Donnell manufactures some of the most nutrition-rich superfoods on the planet, and during today’s interview, he described how these supplements can replenish, rejuvenate, and restore your cells.

Greens are Foods Full of Life

Green foods are highest on the DNA chain, Tony says, full of life and chlorophyll. Eating greens is one of the best things you can do for your body, but you don’t have to eat kale by the forkful. Taking his Radiant Greens supplement is like eating the equivalent of 10 salads in 2 scoops! He recommends taking greens on an empty stomach for rapid absorption, to alkalize your body as much as possible

Your Inner pH Balance

There are 2 ends of the pH scale: acid and alkaline. When you are in an acidic condition (like after drinking coffee or alcohol, or eating meat), you are pulling calcium from your bones, because it is needed to replenish other points of your body that are stressed by the acid. When you are alkaline, your body can focus it’s healing energy on building your immunity and fighting off degenerative disease. Greens alkalize the body, giving the bones the vital nutrients that it needs.


86% of the population don’t eat any fruits and vegetables, Tony says, and that could be why our cancer rates are so high. If you eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, you statistically cut your risk of degenerative disease by more than 60%. “We are the most overfed, undernourished, overmedicated nation in the world,” he said.

Healing the Damage of Pharmaceuticals

the-aware-show-radiant-body-18All drugs have side effects, and all drugs damage the liver. Medications are only a band-aid, he says, and even as your body is being fixed by a prescription medication, your liver has to detoxify that drug to get it out of your body. This depletes the energy you would otherwise use in building your immunity.

“When we are in violation of the laws of nature, we are damaging our bodies,” he said, and I think it’s so true. We are constantly having to recover from exposure to chemicals in our environment, in our water, and in our air. Eating greens and superfoods help to develop a thicker shield, to create a barrier between you and the elements – especially when the superfoods are red.

Red Superfoods

the-aware-show-radiant-body-27In addition to a scoop of Tony’s Radiant Greens in my shake every morning, I also take a scoop of red powder, called Pomegranate Plus. Red superfoods provide nitric oxide, which is a vasodilator, opening your blood vessels, oxygenating your cells, and mopping up the free radicals in your bloodstream. This supplement reduces oxidative stress, and helps eliminate toxins in your body outside of the liver. I was surprised to learn that pomegranate helps heart muscles better than anything else, and that’s why its the basis of his red superfoods blend.

As good as herbs are, Tony says, you have to move your body, too. It’s essential – the Radiant Body is not a stationary body. It lives in movement and flow. (Tomorrow’s interview will be all about that, so stay tuned!)

Be sure and review the generous offer that Tony has put together for Aware Show listeners – his supplements and books at nearly half the price that he sells them for on his own website.