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This week I had the pleasure of interviewing my good friend and happiness mentor Marci Shimoff a number of times! Read on to hear about all the wonderful interviews I had this week.

Monday – Video Interview with Marci Shimoff


This was our first interview of 2017 in our new format! We are publishing our videos publicly on YouTube now – please subscribe to my channel to get notified of new episodes.

When you live in the miracle zone, Marci said during our interview, you can tell, because you’re living in the flow. You may not get everything you want, but you have the feeling that everything that happens is right for you.

Marci interviewed hundreds of people about miracles, and she’s found that those who live in the miracle zone believe that we live in a friendly universe. They feel like the universe is on their side, no matter what. Even if things happen that they don’t want, they don’t feel like a victim. They realize that their life is happening for a higher purpose.

Marci is a wonderful and practical worker of miracles, and her 2017 Your Year of Miracles Program is an incredible coaching tool for getting your life on track. She has a free ebook, on the 4 biggest mistakes that keep you from living a miraculous life, and you can get that ebook here.

Watch The Interview Here


Tuesday – Hay House Interview with Marci Shimoff

Lucky me! I got to speak with Marci the very next day on Hay House Radio. She instructed our listeners on how to clarify your purpose, create more energy, experience more self-love, and earn more money  – it’s all possible!

Listen To The Interview Here


Wednesday – KPFK Interview with Marianne Williamson

The SISTER GIANT conference 2017 will be held in Washington DC, hosted by author Marianne Williamson and Derrick Harkins, Sr. vice President of the Union Theological Seminary. From Thursday, February 2 through Saturday February 4, SISTER GIANT will bring together progressive spiritual and political voices for deep discussion about the state of our country and ways to help move it in a more enlightened direction.  Hear more about it today as Lisa interviews Marianne about this special event.  For more details please visit:

Listen To The Interview Here


Thursday – KPFK Interview with Dr Kelly Turner

Despite medical evidence of the existence of statistically unexpected, or “spontaneous remission,” from cancer, Kelly Turner, Ph.D.  was shocked to learn no one was studying these cases of people who recovered from cancer against all odds, without the help of conventional medicine, or after conventional medicine had failed.  Her research included a year-long trip to 10 countries to interview 50 alternative healers and 20 Radical Remission cancer survivors about their healing techniques. Since then, she has analyzed over 1,000 cases of radical remission to learn if there were commonalities behind these cases, and discovered that there in fact were.  Tune in to today’s interview to find out the top 9 commonalities as Dr. Turner discusses her book, Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds.

Listen To The Interview Here