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A New Year Interview with Marci Shimoff

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Have you ever quit something because trying to make big changes all by yourself made you feel discouraged?

Standing alone in front of the mirror, you may have tried affirmations, visualizations and other self-help techniques, but have they ever really worked?

marci-shimoff-quote-4Marci Shimoff knows what you’re going through, and she doesn’t feel that any woman should face life’s challenges alone. Together, she knows that a group of empowered women can make miracles happen. You can tap into the flow of miracles, and create the best year of your life.

Marci is not only a powerful happiness mentor, she is also the #1 New York Times best-selling author of all the books in the Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul series and was a featured teacher in The Secret.

By her own account, Marci came out of the womb depressed and was an unhappy child. She knows what it’s like to always be chasing after happiness. Even at the height of her career, she never felt good enough.

In 1998, her unhappiness caught up with her in what should have been her greatest moment.

“I had three books in the Top 5 on theNew York Times bestsellers list. I had just finished speaking to 8,000 people, I had signed 5,432 books and I felt like this author rock star,” says Marci, who is the author of Happy For No Reason. “Everything was working the way I thought it should to be happy. But I went up to my hotel room after autographing that last book, and I fell on the bed and burst into tears because I felt empty inside.”

Even though she was working very hard to make good things happen in her life, she still wasn’t happy. Hitting rock bottom at the height of her career, Marci knew she couldn’t keep chasing after the next best thing to fill the emptiness inside.

Enter the Miracle Zone

It finally hit Marci that we are here to live magnificent lives that are the true expression of our soul. What allows this remarkable life to happen? Living in the miracle zone. All you need is a simple miracle practice and a supportive community of fellow miracle believers.

What are miracles?

“A miracle is a welcome and unexpected event that cannot yet be explained by science. It’s considered an act of divine grace,” says Marci. “We cannot create miracles because they are an act of divine grace. But we can create the conditions for miracles to flow in our lives.”

When you live in the miracle zone, you’re living in the flow. You may not get everything you want, but you have the feeling that everything that happens is right for you.

Marci interviewed hundreds of people about miracles, and she’s found that those who live in the miracle zone believe that we live in a friendly universe. They feel like the universe is on their side, no matter what. Even if things happen that they don’t want, they don’t feel like a victim. They realize that their life is happening for a higher purpose.

I’ve found this to be true in my own family. My brother recently had his new car stolen from his driveway. This could be a devastating loss for anyone, but the first thing my brother talked about was the blessing of the situation. You see, he’s an inventor and he has a new creation he’s working on. He’s taking the money he received from insurance to buy a less expensive new car and using the rest of the funds to cover production costs for his latest invention. To him, the accident was a blessing in disguise.

This “silver lining thinking” gives people living in the miracle zone a greater advantage in achieving their higher purpose.


How Miracles Work

What’s the secret to stepping into the flow of miracles? You meet your future self to make the miracle intentions happen, and it becomes a part of your destiny. But here’s the tricky part: you need to set intentions using the power of your soul, and not the ego.

Anytime you feel retracted, you are in the energy of fear or the ego. When you feel expanded, you’re in the energy of love and joy, which is the power of the soul.

Look at the difference in the same intention for health:

Retracted ego intention: I want to lose 20 pounds so that my old boyfriend can see how well I’m doing without him.

Expanded soul intention: I am fit and healthy in a radiant body that reflects my spirit.

When you are living your own life in the miracle zone, you are doing one of the best things that you can for your family, for your community and ultimately for the world.

In Your Year Of Miracles, Marci Shimoff and success mentor Debra Poneman have created a year-long miracle program where you set three miracle intentions to manifest during the year. At the end of the year, 94 percent of participants have had their miracles come true. Enrollment is only open during January, so learn how to join this miracle community now.


Marci Shimoff on The Aware Show 1.2.17

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