In my interviews this week, we learned how tap into your spiritual power. Tune in and discover:

  • How to build your mindset muscle to weather any storm in life.
  • What happens on a mystical journey into consciousness.
  • Amazing psychic readings with departed loved ones on the other side.
  • How to work with your own Chief Spiritual Offer for success.
  • Ways to tap into your brain power for happiness and wealth.

Read on to hear about all the insightful interviews I had this week.

Monday - Video Interview with JJ Virgin


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JJ Virgin knows that life can throw some pretty hard curve balls, but guess what? You can build your mindset muscle to be strong and resilient so that you can always be ready to face any challenge head on.

As a celebrity nutrition and fitness expert, JJ teaches clients how to lose weight and master their mindset so they can lead bigger, better lives. JJ believes that your life is either growing or going, and you have to continue to build your mindset, or else it will limit your ability to succeed in life.

She experienced a devastating curve ball in her own life, when her son Grant was the victim of a brutal hit-and-run accident. This was an experience that forever changed their lives — but for the better, she says.

Her mindset muscle was put to the test, and her family thrived despite the painful difficulty of helping Grant overcome a traumatic brain injury.

Don’t miss the movie premiere of Miracle Mindset, which is based on the life-transforming memoir by JJ Virgin.

Watch The Interview Here


Tuesday - Hay House Interview with Will Arnst and Deirdre Hade

On today’s show Lisa speaks with authors Will Arnst and Deirdre Hade about their book, The (not so) Little Book of Surprises, which provides a mystical journey into consciousness. And later Lisa talks with Giselle Koy about the upcoming revolutionary Conscious Media Festival on March 3-5 in Austin, TX.

Listen To The Interview Here


Wednesday - KPFK Interview with Marla Frees

Transformational psychic medium Marla Frees uses her talents to access information that provides truly unique insight about any aspect of people's lives, whether it be about family, health, relationships, or people who have passed. As an evidentiary medium, Marla facilitates vivid connections to loved ones, hearing what the deceased have to say and seeing what they want to show. Listen to this very talented psychic on today's special fund drive show.

Listen To The Interview Here


Wednesday - KPFK Interview with May McCarthy

According to Lisa's guest today, May McCarthy, we all have an internal "Chief Spiritual Officer" that is always available, ready to help us succeed in any and every endeavor. Tune in today to hear more about how to harness the power of your intuition as May talks about her book, The Path to Wealth, during this special fund drive show.

Listen To The Interview Here


Thursday - KPFK Interview with Mark Waldman

How do our brains function? What makes us tick? Just how malleable are our brains? What can we do to improve performance, memory and happiness? These and other questions will be addressed today when Lisa interviews bestselling author and neurocoach Mark Waldman during this special fund drive show.

Listen To The Interview Here