Learn the Secrets of Successful Mindful Leadership from Dawa Phillips

Dawa Phillips has a skill for deep listening. Whenever I asked him a question during today's episode of The Aware Show, he would always pause for a deep moment before responding.

"You have to put the person that's asking the question first, and really listen to what they need," he says. "As a teacher and an educator, I'm not here to hear myself talk. I'm here to be heard."

This exchange was a wonderful demonstration of the principles of mindfulness that Dawa teaches. On Wednesday he is hosting a 10 day summit called the 'Mindful Leadership Online Training Conference." He has gathered 40 mindful leaders from around the world, from many different industries, to discover that the new frontier is not the future.

The new frontier, Dawa says, is the present moment.

Listen to Dawa's mindfulness-based approach to life and leadership on today's episode of The Aware Show.

Dawa Phillips on The Aware Show 2.27.17

Eric Pearl