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Reinventing Your Life with Adam Markel

The world is changing so rapidly right now, and it can feel a little challenging to navigate.

Adam Markel, author of Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life, is no stranger to change. He believes that change is the only constant in life, and it’s filled with rich opportunities for reinventing yourself during times of disruption.

Think about all of the times in your life when you reinvented yourself: graduating high school, finishing college and starting a new career, getting married, changing jobs, starting a family. We all have created and recreated ourselves so many times.

So maybe change is just another word for growth?

According to Adam, you can pivot or reinvent your life by design or pivot by default. So growth can be by design because you want to change, grow and improve. However, Adam has found that only a small percentage of the world actually self-selects to actively practice awareness and be open to growth.

But what happens when you don’t see change coming?

“If you look at 1956 and the Fortune 500 companies that started then, 88 percent of them are gone,” says Adam. “They no longer exist and yet the industries are still here. What does that tell you? Those companies were not built to last. They didn’t adapt, they didn’t reinvent or innovate well enough to stay afloat or be relevant.”

When things change unexpectedly, you begin to pivot by default. This seemingly unwelcome change can create fear.

“When you lose a job, or a business starts to go in the wrong direction, or marketing is no longer working, or the audience is changing, that’s an opportunity. You can learn how to move past the fear and into growth and revolution,” says Adam, who is the CEO of New Peaks, one of the world’s largest integrative personal and business development companies.

You might think that having a plan for change is the answer, but Adam has found that it’s not about the plan, it’s about the process. But sometimes people may want to make a change, but they don’t even know where to start.

“What they’re lacking is a vision,” says Adam, “and clarity is all about how to create vision. That’s a fundamental place that the process begins.”

It’s like clearing the windshield on your car. If you’re out of windshield washer fluid, that windshield gets caked so that you can’t even drive and you have to pull over. That’s where many people are at: they’re either stuck, slowing down or they’re swerving around because they can’t see the road ahead clearly.

How can you find clarity? Adam uses a vision accelerator process to help others to get a clearer vision on what you want to do right now to take advantage of what’s happening in your life.

Through conducting transformational seminars worldwide for more than 100,000 participants, Adam has discovered six basic myths that people believe about themselves. Using auto-suggestions, he’s found that you can reprogram limiting beliefs so that you can create a greater vision about yourself.

I understand the power of beliefs in limiting your true potential. My daughter’s friend has told me that she believes that she’s stupid, and she thinks that she’s not as smart as the other kids at school. My loving heart cannot accept this belief about her, so how can I help her to change it?

Adam shares that it’s about unbelieving — to unlearn limiting beliefs is just as important as learning new ones. You’ve got to go to the root. In a garden, you don’t just snip the weeds, you’ve got to get down to the root and pull them out.

“Change is everywhere so the best thing to do is to learn the process on how to alchemize change and turn lead to gold, whether it’s change you didn’t expect or it’s change that you wish to plan for your life moving forward,” says Adam. “Once you can clear the vision, you’ll see things that you can’t see at this moment.”

Adam Markel has created the Vision Accelerator Program to un-learn the myths blocking your clarity of vision. Watch the interview below to hear about how it works.

Adam Markel on The Aware Show 2.13.17

Adam Markel