What is the Happy Science Movement?

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Segment 1: In Theaters on October 2019 is a movie called Immortal hero Based on the true story of a man whose near-death experience inspires him to choose life and change the lives of millions. This film so far has won the Indie Visions Film Festival, the Florence Film Award for Best Original Screenplay, the Barcelona Int’l Film Festival and several more.

The message is if all things in your body and mind fulfill their mission, they can heal. Along with having gratitude to God and imagining what you want in perfect condition. This also applies to our world. With terrorist bombings and a divided world, what can we do is a common question. The message of the film is “Abandon hatred and love one another.”

There is a special live screening at the International Film Festival in San Diego Oct 16th where I will be interviewing the film producer Yoichi Utebi and actress Kei Kinoshita.
You can find out all the details about the release of the film at www.immortal-hero.com