Part 2: Polarization

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Possibility Thinking
To be rigorously honest with one’s self, you will notice the end of suffering comes from realizing the stories we tell ourselves are not real.
These are conversations about change rather than changing the conversation
Jim: “Leadership is a willingness to commit (action) to a possibility BEFORE there is evidence it is possible”
Srini: The ideas are the possibilities, how do you commit to them? Visioning, dreaming, [find a need]- like any start-up or like Tesla
Jim: An individual can dream and they need a group to execute the idea, not alone but together
“Vision is a Future possibility”
“The Future uses you to create a new reality”

Polarization occurs because we are not able to see the other’s POV. If the amygdala prioritizes suffering, talking and debriefing helps lessen herd mentality of shared suffering.
Possibilities are the relief of suffering, this can be the way to relate to the future.