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NeuroMovement for a Younger-Feeling, Sharper and Healthier You with Anat Baniel

The Anat Baniel Method: A NeuroMovement Approach

Different from other rehabilitation, fitness practices, and approaches to help mobility and cognitive health, the Anat Baniel Method™ involves a significant shift in the way we think of ourselves as human beings, replacing the traditional model of people as a mechanical system with the view of people as an intelligence, information-based system moderated by the brain.

What does this mean for you? It means your human potential for peak performance, for healing and transformation is far greater than anything previously believed possible. Why? Because instead of being limited by muscle performance you are freed up to use the growth potential of your unlimited brain as the tool for your body’s and mind’s healing and rehabilitation.

“How do you intentionally communicate with the brain?” asks Anat. “How do you get it to do its job better? How do you teach it to be a better, stronger brain?”

As a lifelong pupil and partner to Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Anat gradually formulated this NeuroMovement® approach that gives the brain the quality information it needs to operate more coherently, powerfully guiding the body and mind to higher levels of coordination and function.

Many people believe that getting older means an inevitable loss of mobility, more aches and pains, increasing occurrences of “senior moments” and a general, if gradual decline in overall well-being.  But, this does not have to be the case!

In this interview by Lisa Garr, Anat Baniel, founder of the revolutionary NeuroMovement®, has the answer! She walks us through 2 simple exercises that are included in her newest product, NeuroMovement for Vitality, Anti-Aging & Well-Being. There is no special equipment required and these video lessons can easily be done at home. You will experience changes right away and acquire tools to insure your continued progress. Watch this interview and get yourself prepared for full mind-and body harmony as you’ve never experienced before.

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Anat Baniel on The Aware Show 3.06.2017

Anat Baniel