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Ari Whitten on The Aware Show 6.19.2017 –

Ari Whitten’s – Beat Fatigue and DOUBLE Your Energy Masterclass

I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and exercise and all those good habits that go along with creating and maintaining my energy level throughout the day. But I just interviewed energy and fatigue specialist Ari Whitten and I have officially been schooled!!! Ari has spent the past 3 years compiling research, consulting with experts from a bunch of scientific fields, developing strategies and he has come up with something completely unique – a 360 degree view behind why we all seem to have low energy and what we can do to get revitalized. Essentially, an energy blueprint. Watch this very informative interview. I felt like I was back in biology class! You’ll learn things about your cells’ engine, the mitochondria, and why it’s so critical to our energy levels. He talked all about how our mitochondria get damaged, what we need to do to avoid that, how we can rebuild them, and so much more!
I could go on and on, but trust me, Ari covers some really important material that I have never heard talked about before! Hormesis. Anti-oxidant Response Elements. Pro-oxidant exercise. Okay, you get the idea.
If you want to finally find out why your energy level is still low even after doing all the right things, and find out some strategies that can change that,

And if after watching this interview you want to get a ton more info, Ari is offering a FREE 4-part video training that covers all this and more in far greater detail. Click on this link to sign up for FREE access!

Ari Whitten on The Aware Show 6.19.2017

Ari Whitten