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January 2017

Interview Recap – Week of January 2nd, 2017


This week I had the pleasure of interviewing my good friend and happiness mentor Marci Shimoff a number of times! Read on to hear about all the wonderful interviews I had this week. Monday - Video Interview with Marci Shimoff [...]

June 2015

Light Therapy, the Future of Healing


"I truly believe in the innate wisdom of the body to maintain itself," says Wesley Burwell, my guest today on the Radiant Body Summit. To aid the body's natural healing capacity, Wes uses light therapy, which has been used since the times of [...]

Regeneration of the Radiant Body


"The Radiant Body is not a theoretical proposition," says Dr Baskaran Pillai, my guest today on the Radiant Body Summit. He has chants that are designed to move you out of your physical body and into the "light body," an expansion of [...]

Setting the Intention to Heal your Body


"Anytime you are self-sabotaging in some way," says Lynne McTaggart, my guest today on the Radiant Body Summit, "write it down. Become aware of what you're thinking." As many of my listeners know, your thoughts can influence and modify your reality. It has [...]

Visualize the Change you Want with Hypnosis


"Spend 10 minutes a day visualizing the change you want,"says Rick Collingwood, my guest today on the Radiant Body Summit, "and strangely enough, it will usually happen." Most of my listeners know about the life-changing power of visualization, and there is a growing [...]

Change the Body to Change the Brain


"You're not stuck with the brain you have," says Dr Daniel Amen, my guest today on the Radiant Body Summit. "You can make it better, and I can prove it." Dr Amen is an expert in Attention Deficit Disorder, and he has been [...]

Whole Body Fitness Starts With the Brain


"Movement impacts brain, and brain impacts the movement," says Anat Baniel, my guest today on the Radiant Body Summit. "They are symbiotic." We didn't have a word to describe the non-separation between the mind and body, so Anat coined a new word - [...]

Gluten Sensitivity and Autoimmune Disorders


"Gluten is not bad for you," says Dr Tom O'Bryan, my guest today on the Radiant Body Summit. "Bad gluten is bad for you. It's the toxic glutens of wheat, rye, and barley that we talk about with gluten sensitivity." Dr O'Bryan draws [...]

Breath: The Light Inside Your Radiant Body


"The breath will always be a reflection of how you feel," says Lee Holden, my guest today on the Radiant Body Summit. If you're getting tired by 2-3 in the afternoon, chances are you are breathing shallow. Your body wants to take [...]

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