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April 2015

Money Is The Easiest Thing To Create


"Money is the easiest thing to create," says Christy Whitman, my guest today on the Money & Manifestation Summit, "because it is energy - green energy." Money doesn't have opinions, or desires, or agendas - it is just energy, pure and simple. As [...]

You Are Living In Abundance, Right Now!


"We know for a fact that energy follows thought," says Hans King, today's guest on the Money & Manifestation Summit. Hans is a medium and spiritual teacher who helps people to become totally abundant, and hold the intentions that will allow them to [...]

Making Peace with Money


"You never have to worry about money," says Dr Joe Vitale, today's guest on the Money & Manifestation Summit. Worrying about money doesn't ever help. Worry will not propel you to take action, it doesn't solve your problems, and it definitely doesn't [...]

Actualizing Wealth With Our Inner Greatness


My guest today on the Money & Manifestation Summit, Dr Dain Heer, has touched millions of lives through his work with Access Consciousness. Those people he has touched are touching millions of other lives, and it is lightening up the planet! [...]

March 2015

NeuroSummit3 Recap


What a wonderful summit on brain science and consciousness! The NeuroSummit was a wonderful exploration deep into the mechanics of our minds, and some of the interviews revealed some truly stunning insights about how the brain works. I had the [...]

February 2015

Greater Thinking can Manifest Miracles


"More and more people at this time in history are waking up to their true potential," says Dr Joe Dispenza, today's guest on the Neurosummit. I think that what Dr Joe is doing is really changing the world, because he is [...]

Brain Entrainment Can Make Your Life Into a Masterpiece


"Every day when you wake up, you are creating a masterpiece known as you," says Paul Hoffman, my guest on today's Neurosummit. Paul is an award-winning musician and brain entrainment expert.  By combining binaural beats, heartbeat patterns, and breathing patterns, Paul creates [...]

Feel the Way you Want to Feel


There is a moment-to-moment wisdom that is available to us if we don't get in the way, says Ann Weiser Cornell my guest on today's Neurosummit. It's now been seen that the gut has 100 million more neurons than the spinal cord. [...]

Thinking with your Heart


Most of our Neurosummit has been focused on the brain, but there is another major thinking organ in the body: the heart. "The heart is more than just a blood pump," says today's guest, Howard Martin. "It is a powerful information processing system [...]

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