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February 2015

Regenerating your Body with your Mind


We have a full choice whether we want to live or die, says  Julie Renee, my guest on today's Neurosummit. Julie has an incredible story of miraculous healing. After being confined to a wheelchair, and battling with cancer multiple times, she had numerous [...]

Practical Tips for Everyday Neuroscience


The field of Neuroscience is (pardon the pun) extremely heady. Today's guest on the Neurosummit,  Mark Waldman, has had to sift through 33,000 studies to identify the 6 core components of consciousness. He uses this research for a very specific outcome: [...]

Coaching your Brain with the Power of Story


We all have stories that we tell ourselves. Whether its a belief or a fact, it is an anatomical reality in our brains, says Dr David Kreuger, my guest on today's Neurosummit. "A visualization does the same thing as actually seeing it through [...]

How to Heal Brain Trauma


Think of issue you're dealing with, says Dr George Pratt, my guest on today's Neurosummit. While you are thinking of this issue, or an area of your life that needs healing, tapping your body and reciting an affirmation can leverage the massive [...]

Brain to Brain Communication


John Assaraf, my first guest on this year's Neurosummit, is a brain researcher, well-known author, and dynamic speaker and coach. He develops brain entrainment programs to help people make the most out of their lives, using the latest in behavioral psychology [...]

December 2014

Engineering Your Emerging From Stress


Derek Rydall, my guest today on the Stress Solutions Summit, gave us such a spiritually charged interview! There is an evolutionary impulse on the planet that has reached a critical mass, he says, and we see it breaking out as crisis [...]

People Who Live to 100 Are Called Centenarians


Dr Mario Martinez, today's guest on the Stress Solutions Summit, studies centenarians, people who live longer than 100 years old, to find out what makes them different. Why do they live so long? The answer, it turns out, has much more [...]

Stress & Anxiety Relief Through Reintegration


Stress causes both physical and metaphysical disorders, and Dr Friedemann Schaub, today's guest on the Stress Solutions Summit, is one of the few multi-disciplinary doctors qualified to deal with stress on both levels. Dr Schaub is one of the world's foremost experts [...]

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