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December 2014

Homeopathic Remedies for Stress Management


Today on the Stress Solutions Summit, Dr Theresa Dale talked with our Aware Show listeners about one of the fundamental causes of stress: imbalance. Stress comes from living out of balance, Dr Dale says, whether it is your body, or your [...]

Donna Eden Energy Medicine for Stress Relief


Donna Eden is one of the most joyous, energetic, and fun loving people I have ever met. She is so amazing, she can sometimes be difficult to interview. During the second interview of our Stress Solutions Summit , she demonstrated some of her [...]

Biogenics: Consciously Manage your Stress Levels


We chose to air our new Stress Solutions Summit during a very stressful time. December is a month when people are traveling more, purchasing more, dealing with cold weather, flus and sickness, and relatives that they may be able to avoid the rest of the [...]

November 2014

My Unstoppable Hero Toast to Wayne Dyer


Today, I toast one of my heroes. To support the education of children, I made an Unstoppable Hero Toast to one of my heroes, Dr Wayne Dyer. Next, I challenge Jim Kwik, Doreen Virtue, and Lynne McTaggart to make an [...]

October 2014

The Biology of Belief with Bruce Lipton


Bruce Lipton gave me a book 15 years ago that has forever changed the way I look at my life. It was a gift to celebrate the birth of my daughter, and the book is called The Passage of Change.  This book [...]

Healing Yourself with Qigong Energy


Robert Peng is a Qigong master that I was delighted to interview during the Soul Summit. I interviewed him once before, in person for GaiamTV, and he took me through a magical Qigong practice with the Rocky Mountains as our majestic [...]

A Near Death Experience is Bliss to the Soul


The Wisdom Learned from a Near Death Experience Anita Moorjani has been through death and back again. Her incredible book, Dying to Be Me, chronicles the difference between the two people she has been, and showcases how our thoughts can truly cure [...]

Speaking to Souls on the Other Side of Death


A Mortal that Speaks to Spirits James Van Praagh is a medium, a psychic human that can speak to spirits. Of course, "speaking" to spirits is not really accurate, because it's so difficult to describe the higher dimensions with our 3rd [...]

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