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May 2017

What's In Our Water?!

The quality of our drinking water is in question - do we REALLY know what we're drinking?  And even if we buy filtered water, or have a home filtration system, are we really getting what we expect from our efforts? [...]

It's Possible to Write a Book in a Weekend!

Back by popular demand is author and book-whisperer Tom Bird.   Listen to today's show to find out all about how Tom can help you write an entire book in a weekend. He'll talk a bit about the process and [...]

It's Time to Tap Your Way to Wellness!

If you've been plagued with stress, worry, anxiety, depression, pain or addictions, then you might be interested in learning about how EFT can help with any and all of these things.  Listen today as EFT practitioner Joyce Walker talks about [...]

Facials With Hart

If you're looking for a more beautiful appearance as you age, then you're listening to the right show.  Today Lisa talks with anti-aging expert Lori Hart about her customized, cutting edge treatments which use state of the art equipment along [...]

Your Brain on Love

"Improve your brain, improve your relationships.” That's what Dr. Stan Tatkin has learned from his leading-edge work as a researcher and couples therapist. Listen today as Stan shares with Lisa some insights he's learned about neurobiology and attachment theory that [...]

The Beautiful Sounds of Deva Premal

You're in for a treat today!  Because on the show are two fantastic performers, Deva Premal and Miten.  These two have been making beautiful music together since the 90s.  They travel the world, opening minds and singing their hearts out, [...]

The Yogi Code

Join Lisa today as she talks with Yogi Cameron about his new book, The Yogi Code.  The Yogi Code is seven universal, spiritual and lifestyle laws, which, once decoded and applied to your life through practices that are both inspirational [...]

Your Environment Could Be Making You Sick!

You're about to hear an amazing story!  Author, lawyer and environmental Health Warrior Alan Bell is on the show to talk about how his 'new office' environment literally poisoned him!  Tune in and hear all about his life before he [...]

Media Democracy in Action!

Join Lisa today as she talks with Steven Ray, the organizer and producer of the upcoming media event, Media Democracy in Action.  It's a global participatory media event that will feature smart conversations about the arts, sciences, tech, activism, health, [...]

Refractor Piano Music - What's That?

You're in for a treat today - we have pianist and composer Peter Manning Robinson on the show today.  He has a special piano and performs a special type of music called Refracted Music that I promise you, you have [...]

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