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December 2017

21 Days to Decoding a Masterful Life


Are you willing and ready to recreate your life?  To create a more powerful you?  We've offered so many different ways of doing that through so many different people and programs over the years, but this one is different.  This [...]

Beyond Mars and Venus


John Gray, the author of the most well-known relationship book of all time returns to the Aware Show with an updated guide to his wildly popular book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus that addresses relationship challenges that [...]

It's Time to Tap Your Way to Wellness!


If you've been plagued with stress, worry, anxiety, depression, pain or addictions, then you might be interested in learning about how EFT can help with any and all of these things.  Listen today as EFT practitioner Joyce Walker talks about [...]

Facials With Hart


If you're looking for a more beautiful appearance as you age, then you're listening to the right show. Today Lisa talks with anti-aging expert Lori Hart about her customized, cutting edge treatments which use state of the art equipment along [...]

Make It So With Mind Movies


Visualization becomes more powerful if you can see it, feel it, watch it, experience it.  And Mind Movies does just that - it makes it more real and experiential by guiding you through the process of creating your very own [...]

November 2017

The Truth About Cancer


Cancer.  It's a devastating diagnosis.  And the options for treatment are limited, costly and toxic.  So are there other options?  Listen to today's interview with author and cancer researcher Ty Bollinger and hear some of the options that are available.  He'll [...]

Dreams and the Unexplainable


Sixth sense, gut feeling, instinct. Whatever you call it, sometimes we have no logical reason for knowing something—but still we know it. Author Kelly Sullivan Walden has compiled 101 stories of intuition, insight, and inspiration that will amaze you and encourage [...]

Drawing Her Heart Out


As co-creator of Facebook's popular "Like" button Leah Pearlman didn’t initially find her life Likeable. She was unhealthily driven by work, so much so that she couldn’t find time to visit her dad who was dying of cancer. Realizing her [...]

Evidence of the Afterlife


Is there life after death?  How do we know?  How can we be sure?  What evidence can we point to?  Well, to answer some of those questions, Lisa is interviewing author and afterlife researcher, Stafford Betty.  Listen as he brings together [...]

The Art of Connection


These days it's often easier to avoid face-to-face contact in favor of technological shortcuts.  But Lisa's guest today, Michael Gelb, argues that true meaningful relationships come from real interaction and are the key to creating innovative ideas and solving problems. [...]

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