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November 2020

Living in a Mindful Universe (re-air)


Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell are on the show today to talk about their insights into the true nature of consciousness and to answer the question confounding the entire scientific community: How do you explain the origins of consciousness [...]

Be a Part of Conscious Evolution (Re-Air)


In these ever-changing and unpredictable times, old paradigms may no longer serve us. So we have to ask ourselves, “How can we live our lives in truth and find peace amongst the turmoil?” Emissary of change and visionary futurist Barbara [...]

March 2020

The Truth About Cancer (re-air)


Cancer.  It’s a devastating diagnosis.  And the options for treatment are limited, costly and toxic.  So are there other options?  Listen to today’s interview with author and cancer researcher Ty Bollinger and hear some of the options that are available.  He’ll [...]

October 2019

Get Radiant with Radiant Greens! (Fund Drive)


Are you ready to learn about ‘super foods’? Super Foods are a concentrated and potent source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, fiber and essential amino acids. They’re believed to add alkalinity to the body, increase energy, improve stamina, sharpen mental [...]

September 2019

The Life You Were Born to Live (re-air)


 If you’ve been looking for a guide to finding your life’s purpose, Dan Millman’s book The Life You Were Born to Live may be what you’ve been looking for.  It presents the method and revelations of The Life Purpose system, a modern [...]

June 2019

The Successful Woman’s Mindset


What kind of mindset do you need to be successful?  That question, and many others, will be answered today when Lisa interviews author Galit Ventura Rosen about her book, The Successful Woman's Mindset.  Listen as Galit describes the mindset that [...]

Making Change Easier


Today guest Ariane de Bonvoisin is on the show to help us with change.  It's hard for a lot of us, but Ariane shares concepts and strategies from her book, The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Making Any Change Easier, [...]

How to Get to Heaven


If you've been wondering how to get to heaven (or at least that state of mind) without having to die first, then listen to Robert Kopecky today as he shares the roadmap he has devised from his experiences with three [...]

The Psychology of Successful Aging


We're all aging, and many people are concerned about what to expect in their advancing years -- what to expect in retirement, how to be happy, and how to maintain brain health, to name a few.  To address these topics, [...]

The Power of Energy Codes


The Energy Codes® are a set of principles and practices you can use in your daily experience to tap into your authentic self and realize deeper states of awareness. Tune in to today's show with Dr. Sue Morter and find [...]

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