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April 2018

The Evolution of Loving


Photographer Carl Studna has complied an extraordinary collection of intimate photos that capture the in-depth, devotional love of eight extraordinary couples, ranging in age, ethnicity and sexual preference. Listen as he talks with Lisa about his experience putting together this [...]

You Can Heal Your Life


Louise Hay pioneered the philosophy You Can Heal Your Life with her books and videos on the power of mirror work and personal affirmations.  Today's guest, Patricia Crane, studied under Louise and is now carrying on her legacy and teachings. [...]

A New Focus on the Law of Attraction


Best-selling author David Essel has a new take on the Law of Attraction.  And he covers the process and details in his newest book, Focus: Slay Your Goals.  Take a listen and see how applying his methods can bring your [...]

Truth Telling for Truth Seekers


Are you at the point where you feel it's time to discover how embracing your fears, trusting yourself to feel what you need to heal and going toe-to-toe with your most profound truths can transform your life? All while laughing, [...]

Annual LA River Cleanup


Friends of the LA River (FoLAR) is proud to present the 29th Annual Great LA River CleanUp. With the LA River regularly in the news as an important part of the 51-mile community discussion, the annual CleanUp has exploded in [...]

The Solution to Mathaphobia!


Do you have "mathaphobia?"  You know, fear of all things math-related?  Then this interview is for you!  Today's guest is author and rocket scientist Olympia LePoint.  Her book Mathaphobia®: How You Can Overcome Your Math Fears and Become a Rocket Scientist is [...]

One Shot Ruins Many Lives


Even with all the gun violence in the news today, it’s not always easy to put a human face on it. But today’s guest did just that.  Jeremy Kagan is an internationally recognized director, writer, and producer of film and [...]

Achieve Optimal Breast Health


Today Lisa talks with Dr. John West about his important book on breast health entitled Prevent, Survive, Thrive: Every Woman’s Guide to Optimal Breast Care.  We’ll cover general care guidelines, common breast problems, controversies in breast care, best prevention measures [...]

The Power of Off


Did you know that on average people are checking their phone over 150 times a day!?  Our reliance on technology is rapidly changing how each of us experiences life. We’re facing new issues and difficulties, we’re encountering new emotional triggers, [...]

March 2018

Remembering the Light Within


What if you discovered that the essence of your very nature is, has always been, and always will be, the presence of love? That awareness would change everything. Your consciousness would be transformed, and you would move forward into a [...]

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