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September 2020

The Power of Language with Bettie Spruill (re-air)


Joining me is the founder of Ontological Living, Bettie Spruill. As an Ontological Coach, Bettie is here to talk about Linguistic Viruses and how we can use the power of language to create a new way of being and a [...]

Part 2: Polarization


Possibility Thinking To be rigorously honest with one’s self, you will notice the end of suffering comes from realizing the stories we tell ourselves are not real. These are conversations about change rather than changing the conversation Jim: “Leadership is [...]

Part 1: How is for Cows: The New Mind


Our current world is a world filled with uncertainty. What does our future hold? What future can we create together if we really don’t know where we’re going? Hi, I’m Lisa Garr and this series will challenge you to rethink [...]

August 2020

Ending Polarization


So much emphasis is currently being placed on who’s right and who’s wrong, what’s right and what’s wrong, yet, that’s part of what’s perpetuating all of the seeming chaos. We need to get centered in awareness rather than polarized in [...]

Individual Leadership with Lisa Nichols


The dangers of systemic racism have caused people to ask What can I do to make a difference? it’s not just one thing on one day, it’s a daily process. It is up to each of us to step as [...]

Try the Gillmore Empowerment Technique (re-air)


If you’ve been in pain — chronic, relentless pain — and no doctor or medication has been able to give you any kind of sustained relief, then you owe it to yourself to listen to today’s interview with mind/body/energy expert [...]

A Subtle Energy Tool Kit for Pandemic Stress and Trauma


How can you energetically support yourself and others through the overwhelm of the pandemic? We are living in one of the most stressful times in history. There are thousands upon thousands of people dying or ill. Even if we aren’t [...]

The Power of Wow (Re-Air) (Fund Drive)


Two powerful leaders are joining forces for one extraordinary event.  Listen today as Lisa interviews Raymond Aaron about his upcoming Power Of Wow event with bestselling author Jack Canfield.  You'll find out how you can achieve your goals in work, health, [...]

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