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May 2018

What’s Your Chronotype?


Did you know there’s a “best time” to have sex, ask for a raise, and talk to your kids?  And it’s different for everyone, based on your biology and hormones?  Learn how to get in sync with your natural rhythm [...]

Use Your Imagination to Transform Your Life


Special guest and spiritual teacher Michael Tamura is on the show today to talk about his upcoming event.  Listen to his spiritual wisdom and find out all about his event.  The details are:  A Life-Changing Weekend of Two Powerful, Experiential [...]

Ready for Mastery of Greatness?


If you're ready for a complete life and business transformation, then this is your opportunity to join the most powerful and inspiring motivators of our time at Raymond Aaron's Mastery of Greatness event, happening May 18th-20th at the Westin LAX. [...]

April 2018

Are You a Relationship Junkie?


Do you find yourself recreating and repeating the same relationship issues over and over again?  Same issue, different person?  Perhaps there's something to look at there.  And today's guest, author and therapist Sherry Gaba just may be able to help. [...]

The Life of Yogananda


Many people have read the seminal book, Autobiography of a Yogi, about Paramahansa Yogananda.  But little has been written about the man himself and the three vital decades he spent living, working, and teaching in America. Huge chunks of his [...]

Another Conversation with God


Neale Donald Walsch has gone back to conversing with God and has written the next book in the series, Conversations with God, Book 4: Awaken the Species. Come take a listen as Lisa and Neale discuss the newest information that [...]

The Evolution of Loving


Photographer Carl Studna has complied an extraordinary collection of intimate photos that capture the in-depth, devotional love of eight extraordinary couples, ranging in age, ethnicity and sexual preference. Listen as he talks with Lisa about his experience putting together this [...]

You Can Heal Your Life


Louise Hay pioneered the philosophy You Can Heal Your Life with her books and videos on the power of mirror work and personal affirmations.  Today's guest, Patricia Crane, studied under Louise and is now carrying on her legacy and teachings. [...]

Truth Telling for Truth Seekers


Are you at the point where you feel it's time to discover how embracing your fears, trusting yourself to feel what you need to heal and going toe-to-toe with your most profound truths can transform your life? All while laughing, [...]

Annual LA River Cleanup


Friends of the LA River (FoLAR) is proud to present the 29th Annual Great LA River CleanUp. With the LA River regularly in the news as an important part of the 51-mile community discussion, the annual CleanUp has exploded in [...]

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