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Lisa Garr is on KPFK Every Wednesday and Thursday
at 1pm on The Aware Show

In the “every person” role, Lisa’s questions and concerns emerge from her own life as a business owner, parent, sibling, and friend. In representing the listeners’ personal interests, Lisa draws information from her guests that she — and everyone else — can use profitably in their lives.  

Aware is dedicated to communicating information to inspire positive growth and change. Our goal is an increased awareness and healing on an individual and planetary level. Based on our commitment to the renewal of the human spirit, and combined with our pure faith in the power of love, we are answering a call to action for a more conscious world.

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The first step toward change is Awareness, and listening to the radio show interviews will provide a daily oasis for you to immerse yourself in life-changing information. Listening to these shows will shift you from any space you are in to one of inspiration, while learning information, practical tools and experiential exercises to change your state and keep it that way. Listen and Enjoy!

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March 21, 2019 Guest Dr. Philip Goldberg
Topic: The Life of Yogananda (re-air)

Dr. Philip GoldbergBio:

Philip Goldberg grew up in Brooklyn and moved to Los Angeles like the Dodgers before him. A professional writer for 35 years, he is author or coauthor of 20 books, all but one nonfiction. He is also a skilled public speaker, a spiritual counselor, and an ordained Interfaith Minister. His latest book is The Life of Yogananda, which chronicles the impact of India’s spiritual teachings on the West. Huffington Post named it one of the top 10 Religion books of 2010. His website is

Interview Description:

Many people have read the seminal book, Autobiography of a Yogi, about Paramahansa Yogananda.  But little has been written about the man himself and the three vital decades he spent living, working, and teaching in America. Huge chunks of his life—challenges, controversies, and crises; triumphs, relationships, and formative experiences—remain unknown to even his most ardent devotees.  Until now.  Author and teacher Philip Goldberg fills in the gaps with his latest book, The Life of Yogananda.  Enjoy this interview!


March 21, 2019 Guest Sherry Gaba
Topic: Are You a Relationship Junkie?  (re-air)

Sherry GabaBio:

Sherry Gaba, LCSW  is a Psychotherapist, Life Coach, and Certified Recovery Coach. With over twenty years of experience as a clinician, Sherry specializes in addictions, relationships, co-dependency, trauma, parenting, divorce and single parenting issues.  Sherry served as the go-to expert for Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Celebrity Rehab show on VH1 and later on the spin-off, VH1’s Sober House as well as Celebrity Rehab’s Sex Addiction.  Her latest book is The Marriage and Relationship Junkie and her website is

Interview Description:

Do you find yourself recreating and repeating the same relationship issues over and over again?  Same issue, different person?  Perhaps there’s something to look at there.  And today’s guest, author and therapist Sherry Gaba just may be able to help.  Her latest book, The Marriage and Relationship Junkie offers great relationship insights. You can find out if you’re a love junkie by taking her quiz at:


March 20, 2019 Guest Steve Hasenberg
Topic: Walking the Conscious Path

Steve HasenbergBio:

Steve Hasenberg, MA, MFT, has spent the last 35 years studying the sacred technologies of many cultures and integrating them into the framework of Western Psychology. He has developed and conducted relationship workshops, meditation and mindfulness retreats and corporate stress management seminars throughout the US. Steve is the writer and co-developer of TimeLife Library’s best selling corporate video series, Stress Management – A Positive Strategy.  His website is

Interview Description:

Steve Hasenberg is on the show today to pull the curtain back on everyday reality and reveal the spiritual fabric that upholds your daily life. Sounds interesting, right?  Using a spiritual lens and forty years of psychological experience, Steve teaches that each moment of your life is a gift and a steppingstone toward self realization and personal freedom. Tune in and find out more!


March 14, 2019 Guest Lori Hart
Topic: Facials With Hart (Fund Drive) re-air

Lori HartBio:

Lori Hart is the owner of About Face and Beyond Salon in Los Angeles.  She is an anti-aging expert who specializes in non-surgical approaches that help women appreciate how they look as they age. Lori is passionate about educating women about aging in a safe, healthy and painless way and has been involved in the beauty business working with celebrities, VIPs and woman of all ages for over 35 years.  Her website is

Interview Description:

If you’re looking for a more beautiful appearance as you age, then you’re listening to the right show. Today Lisa talks with anti-aging expert Lori Hart about her customized, cutting edge treatments which use state of the art equipment along with the most active and natural ingredients. So for your chance to achieve a more radiant and youthful appearance, tune into this special fund drive show.  

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March 14, 2019 Guest Joyce Walker
Topic: It’s Time to Tap Your Way to Wellness!  (Fund drive) re-air

Joyce WalkerBio:

Joyce Walker is an EFT practitioner with a private practice in San Diego, CA.  She received her training from one of only 19 EFT Masters in the world and is certified in levels 1, 2 and 3.  You can find out more about her, her areas of expertise and what EFT can address by going to her website which is

Interview Description:

If you’ve been plagued with stress, worry, anxiety, depression, pain or addictions, then you might be interested in learning about how EFT can help with any and all of these things.  Listen today as EFT practitioner Joyce Walker talks about what EFT is, how it works, why it works and what it can address during this special fund drive show.  

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