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Lisa Garr is on KPFK Every Wednesday and Thursday
at 1pm on The Aware Show

In the “every person” role, Lisa’s questions and concerns emerge from her own life as a business owner, parent, sibling, and friend. In representing the listeners’ personal interests, Lisa draws information from her guests that she — and everyone else — can use profitably in their lives.  

Aware is dedicated to communicating information to inspire positive growth and change. Our goal is an increased awareness and healing on an individual and planetary level. Based on our commitment to the renewal of the human spirit, and combined with our pure faith in the power of love, we are answering a call to action for a more conscious world.

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The first step toward change is Awareness, and listening to the radio show interviews will provide a daily oasis for you to immerse yourself in life-changing information. Listening to these shows will shift you from any space you are in to one of inspiration, while learning information, practical tools and experiential exercises to change your state and keep it that way. Listen and Enjoy!

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March 31, 2020 Guest Alan Bell
Topic: Your Environment Could Be Making You Sick! (re-air)

Alan BellBio:

Alan Bell is an attorney who prosecuted drug and homicide cases for the state of Florida before developing multiple chemical sensitivity.  And then he was thrown into an extraordinary fight for survival. Despite overwhelming odds, his personal misfortune has turned into a benefit for others. He is the founder of the Environmental Health Foundation, which advocates for victims of environmental injury.  He’s the author of the book Poisoned, and he has become a global advocate fighting to help ‘Save the Humans’.   You can read his remarkable story at

Interview Description:

You’re about to hear an amazing story!  Author, lawyer and environmental Health Warrior Alan Bell is on the show to talk about how his ‘new office’ environment literally poisoned him!  Tune in and hear all about his life before he became chemically insensitive, how he ended up living in a ‘bubble’ in the middle of nowhere in order to escape environmental toxins, how his crusade lead to the formation of the Environmental Health Foundation and what you can do to minimize your toxic load.  This is a good one!

*Original re-air date was on 3/25/2020


March 31, 2020 Guest Ron and Mary Hulnick, PhD
Topic: Remembering the Light Within (re-air)

Ron and Mary Hulnick, PhDBio:

Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D.,  and Mary R. Hulnick, Ph.D., are world-renowned pioneers and innovators in the emerging field of Spiritual Psychology. As founding faculty and co-directors of the University of Santa Monica, the Worldwide Center for the Study and Practice of Spiritual Psychology, they have developed and continue to facilitate USM’s innovative Master’s degree Programs in this field. Their work is highly experiential and seeks to assist students in discovering their own answers to life’s essential questions.

Interview Description:

What if you discovered that the essence of your very nature is, has always been, and always will be, the presence of love? That awareness would change everything. Your consciousness would be transformed, and you would move forward into a Soul-Centered life—your unique and beautiful life of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.  Learn more about this way of being as authors Ron and Mary Hulnick discuss their latest book, Remembering the Light Within: A Course in Soul-Centered Living.

*Original re-air date was on 3/26/2020


March 25, 2020 Guest Adam Markel
Topic: Pivot: A Guide to Reinvention (re-air)

Adam MarkelBio:

Adam Markel is the CEO of New Peaks (Formerly Peak Potentials) and the author of the  book Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life. Prior to his position as CEO, Adam was a senior trainer with Peak and has personally trained more than 100,000 people around the world. Prior to his work with New Peaks, Adam spent two years teaching junior high school English, founded a successful commercial real estate investment firm, and graduated from St. John’s University law school.  You can find out more about Adam and New Peaks at

Interview Description:

What would you do in your life if you knew you could not fail? That’s the question transformational teacher Adam Markel addresses and answers in his book Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life.  Listen as he reveals his roadmap for embracing your true potential without abandoning your responsibilities or risking your future.  With Adam’s help you can leap out of your comfort zone and into the destiny you’ve always dreamed of!

*Original re-air date was 3/18/2020

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March 25, 2020 Guest Dr. Barbara De Angelis
Topic: Make the Choice for Love (re-air)

Dr. Barbara De AngelisBio:

Dr. Barbara De Angelis is one of the most influential teachers of our time in the field of personal and spiritual transformation.  A renowned author, speaker, and media personality, she has earned legendary status as one of the first people who helped popularize the self-help movement. She is dedicated to bringing enlightened messages to the world.  She has written 14 best-selling books that have sold over 10 million copies and been published in 25 languages, including four #1 New York Times bestsellers. She has starred in her own television shows on CNN, CBS, and PBS and has been a frequent TV guest.  Her latest book is Soul Shifts: Transformative Wisdom for Creating a Life of Authentic Awakening, Emotional Freedom & Practical Spirituality.  Her website is

Interview Description:

According to Lisa’s guest, Dr. Barbara De Angelis, when we think that love originates from somewhere outside of us, we mistakenly believe that we need to wait until something happens to give us an experience of love. In her new book, The Choice for Love, Barbara explains love isn’t something we can actually “get” from anyone else. Love comes from the inside out. Instead of looking for it, or waiting to receive it or feel it, we learn how to choose it, to unblock our connection to it, to find that highest frequency of love and connect ourselves with it.  Take a listen and find out more.

*Original re-air date was 3/19/2020

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March 12, 2020 Guest Arjuna Ardagh
Topic: Get Ready for Some Radical Brilliance! (re-air)

Arjuna ArdaghBio:

Arjuna Ardagh is an Awakening Coach, writer and public speaker, who also trains others to become facilitators of awakening. He is the author of nine books, including the 2005 #1 National Bestseller The Translucent Revolution. His newest book is Radical Brilliance:The Anatomy of How and Why People Have Original Life-Changing Ideas. He is also the creator of several on-line courses, including Living Awakening, and The Deeper LoveHis website is

Interview Description:

Do you know how or why people get original, life-changing ideas?  Today author Arjuna Ardagh guides us through the process of how brilliance can become a more predictable outcome. Listen as he describes the four different kinds of focus and explains in detail the four phases of the “Brilliance Cycle” and how you too, can lead a radically brilliant life.

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