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Getting Beyond Self


Today Lisa starts the show with the premise that we are all part of one global village, and the conversation moves into exploring what our roles and responsibilities are to this community.  Spiritual teacher and healer Michael Tamura gives his [...]

Peter Ludwig: World and Tribal Musicians Tonehenge


Tonehenge is a band featuring Mystic Pete (Peter Ludwig) who specializes in World, Tribal, and Electronic dance music. Today Peter shares his cello music before, after and during an interview with Michael Tamura.

Aspects of change


Spiritual healer and teacher Michael Tamura will talk about the aspects of change in one's life from a spiritual perspective.

Soul Purpose and Soul Choices


We all have so many questions about our life and how our soul's mission plays into our choices and experiences.  Today  Spiritual healer and teacher, Michael Tamura talks with Lisa, takes calls from listeners and helps us to understand our [...]

Spiritual shifts and its effect on us


Spiritual teacher and healer Michael Tamura talks with Lisa about the spiritual shifts that are happening on a planetary level and how we are being effected by these changes.

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