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Our future together depends on each and every one of us doing our part to bring more love and kindness to our planet. At The Aware Show my team and I feature the most extensive destination on transformation that is available on the web. We have thousands of interviews for you to research, dozens of new shows each month, and a wonderful community dedicated to a positive future together. Yet, because so many have been through tragedy, disaster and other unforeseen events in the last few months, I am going to do something I have never done before.

From now until midnight 12/31/2012 I have instructed my team to make ALL of my replays, gifts and offers available for you to listen to and share with all you know, AT NO CHARGE TO YOU. This information is so powerful and timely that just by going to these pages, listening to the replays, getting the gifts and using this wisdom, we will all create a more positive future together.

Please listen to these transformation leaders now, you will not find this information anywhere else.

Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson teach us how to eradicate negativity at any level in our lives.

Doreen Virtue talks to us about why we have unexplained food cravings and weight gain, which links to blockages from our purpose. If you are feeling off purpose, out of control, angry or depressed, you will be totally transform by the end of this call.

Julie Daniluk gives us loads of information about foods that switch ON your metabolism, natural anti-histamines, foods that melt away fat, and many more tips. Be sure to listen if you want to know what actually causes you to age faster!

John Holland had me in tears at the end of the call because the healing that occurred for so many people, including myself. If you have ever lost a loved one and your energy is still stuck, please listen to this call.

Dr. Joe Vitale tells us “Whatever you love, fear, or hate will show up in your life!” Then Joe teaches us about the ancient Hawaiian healing Ho’oponopono prayer. When you learn to apply this to every area of your life, miracles will occur!

Robert Holden asks us if we are happy? Are you stuck in a rut? Aimless? Is your life at a crossroads? Join us as Robert teaches us just how you can truly be happy!

Caroline Myss’ interview is only for the people brave enough to listen and take on the truth. If you are, it could change your life and make you WANT to be committed to your own truth forever. It’s actually one simple step…

Eldon Taylor challenged us with these questions. What if you discovered an inner controller (in your head) that determined whether you should succeed or fail? What if you learned how to gain authority over this controller and were therefore able to alter your future experiences?

Sarah McLean taught us about meditation and a mindfulness technique we can all use at virtually every moment in our day.

Donna Gates provided the most cutting edge information on the health front available today!

Dr. Bruce Lipton explained how we can take ourselves from a world of disaster, crisis and ill health to a place of possibilities and control over our life.

Sam Horn taught us that we have under 60 seconds to raise people’s eyebrows about what we do. Don’t give information about what you do, give an experience! I just had an amazing interview with Sam Horn where she gave us true secrets to success.

Dawson Church talked about how to change your biochemistry with your thoughts. If you are experiencing stress or if you are interested in permanent change, listen to this call!

Brent Phillips had me on fire during this call! If you were to imagine that there is a formula for success this is the best description of what we talked about today on The Aware Show Teleseminar – THE formula for success!

Dr. Sue Morter brought me from sickness to jumping with energy, because of the breath and body work we did during the call. The shift I made in one hour was amazing and I want you to experience this too!

Dr. Joe Dispenza shows how we need to interrupt the brain wave patterns in order to change a bad habit and replace it with an affirming habit. If you’re really tired of doing things the same way and want to see different results, you need to listen to this call. It will literally change the way you think!

Donna Eden, one of the pioneers of energy medicine, performs several techniques on the call that will instantly restore your energy! We were feeling so much joy by the end of this call – check it out to feel good!

Denise Linn’s stories are both riveting and transformational. By the end of the call, you will realize if Denise has lived through such suffering and is now teaching about joy, abundance and living a glorious life, so can you. Today’s call was intense!

Kris Carr got the wake-up call of her life when she learned she had an incurable stage IV cancer and on The Aware Show teleseminar today, Kris taught us many of the ways she heals herself on a daily basis as she lives with this diagnosis 10 years later.

Craig Hamilton talks about how we can experience real joy. By the end of this call you will understand that true bliss and enlightenment can be found in the present moment, and with practice it is easy to achieve!

David Wolfe, the rock star of the superfoods and longevity world, joins me on the call to teach us HOW to support our bodies during this holiday season and beyond!

James Van Praagh’s energy, information and spirit is amazing as it comes right from his heart. Listen to this call if you want to get an hour of healing!

Wayne Dyer like you have never heard him before! Enjoy Wayne as he shares his life, his passion and his current reality in an uncensored interview like you have never experienced.