Mark Waldman – NeuroWisdom 101

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58 Lessons and Workbook • 6 Hours

Now Revealing the Spectrum of Human Consciousness!

Learn how to apply the core strategies of brain-training, cognitive therapy, and positive psychology to every aspect of your life. Industry recognized neuroscientist and author Mark Robert Waldman has assembled this collection of lessons, meditations and exercises that are scientifically proven to enhance all areas of cognitive function, memory, perception, and even improve your health. Enhance your brain with NeuroWisdom™ and you will literally increase performance in everything that you do!

  • Reduce Physical Pain
  • Work with Difficult Emotions
  • Cultivate Positive Energy
  • Deepen Your Meditation
  • Eliminate Worry and Stress
  • Turn Obstacles into Allies
  • Find Happiness
  • Improve Work Productivity
  • Enhance Relationships

Product Description

Item 1. NeuroWisdom 101

Train Your Brain, Transform Your Life! – 58 Audios & the NeuroWisdom 101 Workbook with 58 short techniques to enhance every aspect of your life!

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3 Options to Buy:

Physical – 5 CD’s & Workbook shipped directly to you by The Aware Show.
Digital – MP3’s & PDF Workbook downloads immediately available online from The Aware Show.
Combination – Both physical CD’s AND MP3 + PDF Workbook Downloads immediately available from The Aware Show.

A university-proven training program to change your brain and transform your life. New sensitivity tools in the fields of awareness and neuroscience allow us to see deeper into the mind than ever before.

What we are finding is truly extraordinary. We invite you to experience NeuroWisdom 101™.

Enhance neural functioning, longevity, and life-satisfaction
Tap into the creative and intuitive wisdom of the brain
Improve communication skills – at home and at work
Discover your true meaning and purpose in life
Build mutual trust and cooperation with others
Learn how to shift levels of consciousness
Turn negativity into unwavering optimism
Build life-long confidence and self-esteem
Bring more joy and peace into your life
Eliminate stress, worry, and self-doubt

Item 2. Personal Hangout with Mark Waldman

Retail Value $99

This item is an online session and you will be sent access information to attend.

Join Mark Waldman for an interactive presentation and discussion about NeuroWisdom 101 and how it can reduce pain, cultivate positive energy, deepen meditation, enhance relationships and help you find happiness. John will answer questions submitted in advance and take some questions live.

Participants in events with Mark have said they gave them unique insights that helped improve productivity, turn obstacles in allies and eliminated worry or stress. The Hangout will be recorded and made available to you afterwards.

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