Our Brains are Awareness Creators

Have you ever reflected on the nearly magical power of our brains?  It is beyond remarkable and we are just beginning to explore the capacity, potential and amazing abilities it has. This is why we are excited to share with you the latest developments, information and insights from the field’s leading researchers, teachers and authors, twice weekly starting on February 17, 2014.

In our first NeuroSummit we unveiled a wealth of new techniques, therapies and knowledge that is helping us advance toward ever greater levels of Awareness.

NeuroSummit II will continue introducing you to some of the greatest minds in this exciting filed of neuroscience, who will enlighten us to how it can be harnessed to create more happiness, abundance and love in our lives.

NeuroSummit II will be the ultimate immersion in cutting edge science, creativity and in-depth research, revealed for the first time here on The Aware Show! It promises to be even more thought-provoking and packed with new information to help us navigate the ever-challenging times we live in, and break
                                                            through the barriers to your greatest dreams.

To Help You Live a Healthy, Enlightened and Prosperous Life, The Aware Show's NeuroSummit II will reveal:

  • How to energize, jump-start, and transform your daily experience
  • How you can fine tune, control, radically improve and raise your energy levels to new heights
  • Techniques to improve the clarity, memory function and synaptic power you never thought possible
  • How to remove blocks, overcome the last remnants of procrastination, hesitation and feelings of being stuck
  • Practices, programs and techniques that will enrich your life and help you achieve your greatest goals

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