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Lisa Garr's Favorites


"These are my specially 'hand-selected' tools that I use every day, from some of my favorite people that I interview. Consider it a "special collection" of things that elevate my life, creating optimum health, energy and happiness. I invite you to experience them too."

Over 10 Hours of Video and Audio Teachings!
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Dr Dain Heer - 84 minute audio recording - How to dynamically increase the flow of money into your life! The more you listen, the more your awareness will cleared of blocks, increasing your capacity to attract abundance – it’s that easy!


Dr. Dain Heer
"Money Clearing Statement"

Dr Joseph Dispenza - 49 minute audio recording - Rewire your mental and emotional circuitry as you are lead through a structured meditation program that will sustain change from the inside out. Create a happy, healthy and abundant life and dream your world into being!


Dr. Joseph Dispenza
"Break The Habit
Of Being Yourself"

Dr Wayne Dyer - 78 minute audio recording - Listen and it will inspire and help you to create the best life ever! Wayne shares some of his most profound stories about events that have shaped his life.


Dr. Wayne Dyer
"The Shift Interview"

Mary Morrissey - 30 minute audio recording - Mary tells you how to validate your dreams by learning the five essential questions to determine whether that dream is really right for you.


Mary Manin Morrissey
"Validate Your Dreams"

Lee Holden - 45 minute video recording - With Lee Holden as your guide, you can embrace gentle, time-honored Qi gong practices for giving yourself a lightning flash of vitality each morning to fill your body with energy.


Lee Holden
""QI Workout AM"

Brent Phillips - 4 audio recordings - 153 minutes total - Brent shares these special audio clearing statements that get 100% of your mind on board to manifest a life of financial freedom, prosperity, and success!


Brent Phillips
"Clearing Money Blocks"

David Wolfe - 2 video recordings - 134 minutes total - David shares his secrets about the tremendous healing benefits of superfoods. Plus he makes his secret Energy Elixir, a super-smoothie that rejuvenates and energizes the body and mind.


David Wolfe
"Superfood Demonstration"

Burt Goldman - 3 audio recordings - 37 minutes total - Tap into infinite potential with Burt’s Quantum Jumping technique. We now have the means of reaching a twin self who already has a rich life, and who has the rhythm that we want for ourselves.


Burt Goldman
"Clearing Money Blocks"

Mark Waldman - 46 minute video recording plus PDF guide - Travel inside the living brain as Lisa and Mark take you on a journey through the brain and explore the myths, theories, truths and new scientific research surrounding just how our brains really work.


Mark Waldman
"Inside the Living Brain"

Jim Kwik - 65 minute video recording - Jim shares his introduction into Kwik Learning which is part of the SuperHero mind training. You will be amazed at how much you will be able to easily memorize because of learning these techniques.


Jim Kwik
"Intro to Kwik Learning"

Donna Eden - 8 minute video recording - In this unique, made for My Favorite Things video, Donna invites you to learn the unspoken language of your body to boost your energy levels, address many specific health problems, and foster overall health.


Donna Eden
"Exclusive Energy Medicine

Lisa Garr - 28 minute video recording - Lisa’s Quantum Visioning Process is designed for you to listen to at any time you want to set a goal into motion. This process has helps you create new possibilities you have always dreamed were possible and didn’t know how to do until now.


Lisa Garr
Visioning Process"

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