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“I’ve been loving the Afterlife Summit! So much great information and  fascinating interviews.” – Tina

“This has been an incredible experience! Thank you, Lisa for undertaking this research!!!” – Jane M

The Afterlife Summit examines the first-hand accounts of near-death experiences (NDEs), to help us learn about the nature and progress of our souls. The experts interviewed on The Afterlife Summit, including medical doctors, shamans, paranormal researchers and evidence-based mediums, can help us understand the other chapters of the journey of the soul.

Knowing about the afterlife changes the way you live your life today.

The Afterlife Summit will teach you:

  • The 15 Characteristics of an NDE
  • Your Undying Soul’s True Purpose
  • Why Past lives are a portal towards change
  • Why OBEs don’t have to be associated with trauma
  • Scientific evidence of the afterlife in 9 categories
  • Questions asked to those who died in the ICU
  • The biological markers of reincarnation
  • The shamanic rite of passage known as Conscious Dying
  • How to communicate with loved ones who have died
  • The specific technique tested thousands of times by Raymond Moody

“Although my near-death experience was nearly thirty-four years ago, there is virtually not a day that goes by that I am not aware of making decisions based on that experience.”
– Geraldine B


The Afterlife Experts

Raymond Moody

The Afterlife Revealed

James Van Praagh

Sit In The Stillness

Linda Backman

Evolution Of The Soul

Dr & Master Sha

Infinite Incarnations

Suzanne Geisemann

Listening To The Spirit Realm

Luis Minero

Achieving The Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)

Diane Corcoran

Universal Characteristics of NDEs and OBEs

Dr Rajiv Parti

Profound Post-NDE Transformation

Mira Kelley

Past Life Regression & Purpose

Kim Russo

Communicating Across Dimensions

Laurin Bellg

The Unusual Question

Dr Baskaran Pillai

The Desire To Return

Marilyn Schlitz

Death Awareness

Stafford Betty

Scientific Evidence of the Afterlife

Hans King

Interdimensional Communication

Nancy McMoneagle

The Many Levels of Consciousness

Dannion Brinkley

The Near-Death Experienced

Alberto Villoldo, PhD

How To Leave This Life Alive

Robert Moss

Multi-Dimensional Dreaming And The Soul

William Peters

Understanding the Shared Death Experience

“Lisa, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your summit on the Afterlife. All the people you interviewed were great – what minds! Challenges you to think outside the box! But I especially wanted to tell you that I thought you were the best. What wonderful questions you asked! What an in-depth understanding you have! You are such an engaging person. Thank you for bringing this to us and thank you for you!”
– Andrea K

Rev. Terri Daniels

Grief And The Afterlife

Dr Kevin Haselhorst

The Right To A Graceful Departure

“Lisa, I have enjoyed this summit so very much. I was able to watch most of the interviews. Suzanne Giesemann is the one I have followed closely for over a year and her being on the show was what led me to watch it all. You are such a gracious hostess and have wonderful, thoughtful questions and insights for the guests. I enjoyed your interview with Suzanne. Doesn’t she bring great energy and lifted spirit with her? To me that was the most fun interview. Thank you SO much!”
– Jane M

Meet Your Host

Lisa Garr had a near-death experience during the California State Championship mountain biking race, when she crashed her bike and crushed her helmet in 13 places. The experience and revelations that came from rebuilding her cognitive function are detailed in her book, Becoming Aware.

Her fascination with the other realms has culminated in this research experiment into the soul, a series of great conversations with amazing people who have seemingly visited a realm beyond this current existence, just as Lisa describes in her NDE.

Her interviews with all kinds of experts, from physicians to mystics, from professors to shamans, from doctors to dream teachers, have all been focused on understanding the realm that is beyond this realm.

Lisa Garr set out to ask the tough questions, “Where do we go after we die?” and “Does the soul’s journey exist before and after this lifetime?” What Lisa discovered was an extraordinary account of the existence of our soul before and after this lifetime. Lisa invites you to watch this series and discover your own truth about your soul’s journey, and to ask yourself how this information can truly transform the way you live your life today.

“I knew with total certainty that everything was evolving exactly the way it should and that the ultimate destiny for every living being is to return to the Source, The Light, Pure Love.” – Juliet N

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  • Two free chapters from “Dying to Wake Up” by Dr Rajiv Parti
  • “Attract your Soulmate” – 2-hour MP3 by James Van Praagh
  • “The Short Visit” – 33-minute MP3 by Nancy McMoneagle
  • “Optimizing Your Brain Functions: A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Brain Health
    and Avoiding Memory Loss” by Dr Alberto Villoldo
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“Thank you Lisa!! You have so much positive energy. I loved your summit. The guests were all amazing. So glad to have found this. It was life changing with this learning. Hugs and gratitude,” -Shari


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