Struggling to Stay Motivated and Focused on Your Goals?

Discover How to Rewire Your Brain for Success … So You Can Achieve Your Most Important Goals Quickly and Easily

“Your soul knows its purpose. It knows what it wants to achieve. Following its guidance is the key to achieving your goals – quickly and with great ease.”

Lisa Garr

Dear Friend,

Do you find it challenging to stay focused on your goals … and to motivate yourself to take action?

You’re not alone.

Most people find that their motivation wanes as time goes by. They struggle to maintain their focus. And they often end up feeling stuck, overwhelmed and doubting whether they have what it takes to accomplish their goals.

Here’s the root of the problem: You’re not following through on creating your dreams. When you ignore the things that matter most to your soul, it causes an unconscious drain on your energy. You’re left feeling tired, unmotivated … even depressed.

It’s almost like when you have a bandwidth-hogging program running in the background on your computer. You don’t see anything running, but performance is sluggish.

The good news is …

I can help you retrain your brain to massively increase its focus on your goals … eliminating any unconscious resistance to moving forward and elevating your motivation.

I created this program out of my own brain’s need to stay focused every day. As I wrote about in my book, Becoming Aware, I had a traumatic brain injury and as a result, I needed to create daily practices to stay focused. If I didn’t do these techniques, I would not have been able to create a life-changing career that continues to help millions of people.

That’s why I’m delighted that you’re visiting this page today.


As a special gift to my community, I’m offering access to one of my newest and most powerful programs at more than 33% off until midnight Pacific Time on Thursday, September 30, 2016.

Reset Your Brain for Success delivers 30 days of practical plans and exercises to tap into your inner guidance and accomplish your soul’s goals.  You’ll receive my coaching to help you stay focused and accountable every day for 30 days – while creating new neural pathways to stimulate your creativity and motivate you toward your goal.

Whether you’re pursuing a specific goal … or you’re seeking a deeper sense of passion, purpose and motivation in all areas of your life, this program will transform your life.

That’s why I’m making it incredibly easy to say yes to this special package …

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I Want to Reset My Brain for Success

Reset Your Brain for Success is where you’ll learn easy and proven strategies for achieving greater success and fulfillment with your soul’s goals in 30 days.

You’ll discover how to…

  • Reframe your attitude and mood
  • Unleash greater levels of energy and creativity
  • Retrain your brain to focus on your goals throughout your day

This life-changing system includes:


  • 15 daily lessons, containing practical strategies and action plans.

    Each day, I’ll send you an email with a brief lesson about one aspect and strategy for goal-setting.

    You’ll also receive an action plan for the day to start incorporating that day’s strategy into your life. Finally, you’ll write a journal entry working on your goal.

    Here are some of the things you’ll do as you follow my step-by-step system:

    • Set a realistic goal to work on during the program
    • Create an altar for your goal
    • Write a list of who you can ask for help
    • Write your goal as if it has already happened
    • Learn to let go of how your goal needs to show up
    • Look at the emotional and spiritual aspects of your soul’s goal
    • Learn how to give and receive your goal
    • Learn how to embody your goal through the I AM statement
    • Journey through several guided visualizations about your goal
    • Learn how to quantum jump into your goal
    • I’ll even give you media coaching on how to get your goal into the technology world

    I used these strategies to recover from a traumatic brain injury – and I use them every day to accomplish my life’s goals … and live in a state of grace and ease.

  • Interviews with 15 of the most successful goal-setting experts in the personal development industry.

    I interviewed each of these experts on what they did to achieve their amazing level of success. This was a fascinating process and turned out to be my own exclusive study on the anatomy of success.

    If you follow what each person says to do, you will accomplish your goal –and so much more! These interviews truly are gold, and nothing else like them exists in the world.

    • John Gray talks about meditation and how he meditates every day to allow his mind chatter to feel heard and to release.

    • Jack Canfield teaches several golden processes from his Success Coaching Program that he used to create his ground-breaking Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

    • Marci Shimoff suggests doing a visioning process where you connect with your soul guides.

    • Denise Linn, in her enchanting style, shares a very special story of how she can only create what is true for herself and how we can do the same.

    • Derek Rydall says peace is everyone’s real goal and how ultimately everything will get you to peace.

    • Dain Heer reframes the word goal as “targeting” and gives a fresh perspective on what it means to be creative.

    • Marcia Wieder is a Wealthy Visionary with a completely new vision on what it means to make money.

    • Joe Vitale has made a commitment to create 100 million Awakened Millionaires. This is the mindset Joe creates everything he does from and he shares this mindset with all of us.

    • Michael Mastro has been successfully helping thousands of people and corporations around the world create and manifest more flow and ease in their lives for almost 30 years by using his expertise in the area of Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian technique of Feng Shui.

    • And many more visionaries who talk about how they created massive success!


  • My 2016 Miracles Journal.

    My friends and international best-selling authors Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman have created and offered to share this beautiful journal, where you can write your Miracle Intentions and track your progress in creating a miraculous year.

  • You Are the Miracle Audio Meditation.

    You are the miracle you’ve been waiting for. All it takes is your belief that you can make things happen. This powerful audio meditation will help you shift your mindset – and embrace your true power.

  • A Journey Inside Yourself Audio Meditation.

    Where do our thoughts come from? How do we create experiences? During this peaceful guided meditation, you’ll visit the birthplace of all that you create – the empty space inside your cells, where energy in motion begins to take form. Discover how to deliberately direct the energy in your body to manifest into the forms you want.

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We’ll also be interacting in a private Facebook group. This is where you can ask questions. Share your observations. Celebrate your wins and shifts with others. And above all, get an extra layer of accountability to keep you focused on your dreams.

I’m making this special bonus available because I truly love connecting with my students. Nothing makes me happier than nurturing you personally and getting to celebrate your growth.

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I Want to Reset My Brain for Success

Here’s What You’ll Discover…


  • The 9 times each day you should reset your goal to keep your brain focused on what you want to achieve

  • How to use alters, chants and/or mantras to accelerate the progress you make toward your goal

  • Why your mindset and inner work can transform the ease with which you achieve a goal

  • How tapping into your gifts as a storyteller can bring a sense of ease to your life

  • Why being willing to release your vision of success can amplify what you actually achieve

  • How contributing to others makes you more successful

  • A powerful tool for using acknowledgment to free up your energy so you can make more progress toward a goal

  • The spiritual side of goal setting … and how this can help you make a bigger contribution in the world

And much more

Here’s what clients are saying…


Dearest Lisa – I am so grateful for you and your team, and all that you share which makes the world a brighter place. I have listened to countless tele seminars, and I always come back to yours as one that I know is heart centered and full of light. The ease and grace with which you interview your guests, and your personal openness and vulnerability during the interviews, make them highly valuable each and every time. What a gift. Thank you from my heart to yours. xo


Dear Lisa, From one very curly haired gal to another, with so much appreciation and joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Even though I am a very practiced energy worker, with over a dozen healing modalities under my belt, I still do learn from your show and purchase some of the offerings. For instance, Donna Eden’s hard copy CD sets are simply a STEAL! Thank you so much – your warmth and enthusiasm are contagious. Love & light

Divora Stern LCSW

The sluggishness, depression and overwhelm you’re feeling is a sign you’re not moving toward your soul’s goals.

It’s time to make a change.

Let me help you reset your brain for success … so you get your soul’s goals accomplished quickly and with far less human effort than you can imagine – and feel passionate, purposeful and motivated while doing it.

In love and gratitude,

Lisa Garr

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I Want to Reset My Brain for Success