NeuroSummit III Replays Available for a Limited Time

For the month of February, NeuroSummit III interview replays will be available.

We just finished our NeuroSummit III and are keeping these Exclusive Limited Replays available for you until each offer sells through. So please listen now and pick up these Special Offers that our guests have put together just for our Aware Family.

John Assaraf

Brain to Brain Communication

Dr George Pratt

How to Heal Brain Trauma

Dr David Kreuger

Coaching Your Brain with the Power of Story

Brent Phillips

Manifesting Miracles from the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness

Mark Waldman

Practical Tips for Everyday Neuroscience

Julie Renee

Regenerating Your Body with Your Mind

Howard Martin

Thinking with your Heart

Ann Weiser Cornell

Feel the Way You Want to Feel

Paul Hoffman

Brain Entrainment Can Make Your Life Into a Masterpiece

Dr Joe Dispenza

Greater Thinking can Manifest Miracles

Watch these replays while they are still available. In March these soul-inspiring interviews will only be available for members of the Aware Community.

Interviews Hosted

by Lisa Garr

Dr. Norman Doidge

Tuesday February 24, 2015


Julie Renee

Tuesday February 10, 2014


Tama Kieves

Tuesday February 3, 2014


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ALL Previous Seminar Replays NOW included in Community Membership!!

I know your life is busy and its not always possible to catch the live seminars. Sometimes its not possible to even catch the limited replays. Because we want everyone to have a positive change in their life, we are now making these replays available to all Aware Community members at no additional cost.

Lifetime access to these on-line replays will be streamed easily to your computer, for all members in good standing to enjoy time and time again. As we retain only a portion of what we hear, you need to be able to listen to these life changing interviews when it’s most convenient for you.


Aware on KPFK Radio This Week


February 18, 2015


February 19, 2015

Mark Waldman

More Neuroscientific Secrets to Happiness and Success (Fund Drive) re-air


There was just too much information to cover in one interview so Lisa is having Mark Waldman back on the show today to continue to elaborate upon and discuss some of his experiential lessons that will open your mind and heart to the inner wisdom of your brain. You’ll learn what the most destructive word in the English language is and how certain words can turn on genes that will lower anxiety and stress. You’ll learn about the neuroscientific Laws of Attraction and how to make permanent changes in your brain that allows you to achieve inner peace, lasting happiness, and greater success in the world. 


Dr. Gil Kajiki

Solving the Thyroid Mystery (Fund Drive) re-air


If you’ve been trying to solve the mystery of why you might be experiencing hair loss, weight gain, brain fog, dry skin, fatigue, depression and other symptoms, then this is the show to listen to! All those symptoms could be associated with your thyroid gland. Tune in as Lisa interviews Dr. Gil Kajiki about all things ‘thyroid’ during this special fund drive show.


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