Soul Summit Replays Available for a Limited Time

For the month of November, Soul Summit interview replays will be available.

We just finished our Soul Summit and are keeping these Exclusive Limited Replays available for you until each offer sells through. So please listen now and pick up these Special Offers that our guests have put together just for our Aware Family.

Doreen Virtue

Learn how to avoid spiritual burnout

James Van Praagh

Speaking to Souls on the Other Side

Marci Shimoff

Live in the Miracle Zone

Anita Moorjani

A Near Death Experience is Bliss

Jim Oliver

Healing Music for the Soul

Robert Peng

Healing Yourself with Qigong Energy

Dr Sue Morter

Heal Your Body with Meditation

Dr Bruce Lipton

The Biology of Belief

Dr Baskaran Pillai

Enter the Eternal Now through Timeline Jumping

Dr Dain Heer

The Infinite Being’s Guide to Functioning Beyond This Reality

Watch these replays while they are still available. In December these soul-inspiring interviews will only be available for members of the Aware Community.

Interviews Hosted

by Lisa Garr

Neal Donald Walsch

Tuesday November 18, 2014


William Davis

Tuesday November 4, 2014


Linda Carroll

Tuesday October 14, 2014


David Howitt

Tuesday October 7, 2014


Live in the Miracle Zone with Marci Shimoff

**Free Guided Meditation**

Seminar Replays NOW included in Community Membership!!

I know your life is busy and its not always possible to catch the live seminars. Sometimes its not possible to even catch the limited replays. Because we want everyone to have a positive change in their life, we are now making these replays available to all Aware Community members at no additional cost.

Lifetime access to these on-line replays will be streamed easily to your computer, for all members in good standing to enjoy time and time again. As we retain only a portion of what we hear, you need to be able to listen to these life changing interviews when it’s most convenient for you.



The Aware Store

For quite some time now, I’ve been working to be able to provide access to the life enhancing information and products that we cover in our summits and interviews in a way that is not only beautiful, but can allow you to get access even in the middle of the night.

This store helps us to fulfill our mission: to provide you with the tools and resources you need to grow your own consciousness.

Here you can find some of the best interviews from years past, as well as packages offered by our guests. Wayne Dyer, Donna Eden, Niurka, Mark Robert Waldman, Joe Dispenza, and more!


Aware on KPFK Radio This Week


November 12, 2014


November 13, 2014

Lisa Haisha

Let’s Do Some SoulBlazing!


Get ready to unlock your potential by unveiling the fears, beliefs and habits that prevent you from achieving your highest personal and financial success as Lisa interviews Lisa Haisha about her unique approach to identifying your most common self-destructive trends in what she calls “SoulBlazing.” It should be a powerful interview! 


Dr Amit Goswami

Let’s Explore Quantum Creativity!


According to quantum physics, reality occurs on two levels: possibility and actuality. Lisa’s guest today, Dr. Amit Goswami,has taken this concept and applied it to the wellspring of creation that exists in each of us and elaborated on it in his book Quantum Creativity. What is creativity? Can anyone be creative? What kinds of creativity are there? Listen in and find out how to access creativity in a whole new way.


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“If I really get honest with myself, Lisa Garr’s AWARE Show is probably my favorite. I love her energy. I love her audience. Good vibes! I feel inspired whenever I am on or listen to her show — almost ecstatic. David Wolfe