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Join Lisa Garr on Being Aware on Hay House Radio, the Aware Show on FreeSpeechTV, and on The Aware Show on KPFK in Los Angeles and WBAI in New York as she interviews best-selling authors and experts in the fields of natural health, cutting-edge science, personal growth, and spirituality. She is also a regular weekend host on Coast to Coast AM and has one of the largest telesummit series on YouTube

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August 14, 2019

Chris HowardChris Howard
Design Your Destiny (Fund Drive)

In this new show, Lisa and Chris talk about what life would look like if you had a mission and vision statement for your life, like in business. Since this is a KPFK fund drive, Chris is offering a ticket to his upcoming Design Your Destiny event in his home for only 15 people to guide you through a special vision, mission creating session plus so much more to help you Design Your Destiny. Call for more information 818-985-KPFK.

August 15, 2019

Dr. Tony O'DonnellDr. Tony O’Donnell
How to Drink 32 Salads at Once (Fund Drive) (re-air)

The need for supplementation has never been greater than it is today. Our foods simply do not have the same nutritional value of years past. Plants and vegetables absorb 67 vitamins and minerals from the soil. However, a typical farmer will add only three nutrients back into his farming soil. Over time, this practice creates a huge nutritional deficiency in our daily diets. Dr. Tony talks about how you can drink your greens with his Radiant Greens, a powerful NON-GMO superfood formulation of organically grown grasses and vegetables, blood purifying and immune enhancing herbs, and antioxidants.


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Becoming Aware

by Lisa Garr

Several years ago, Lisa suffered a brain injury during a California State Championship Mountain bike race, cracking her helmet in 13 places.

After her near-death experience while lying on the side of the mountain, she transformed her level of consciousness, and rebuilt her brain and her life using specific visualization techniques outlined in this book.