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We are so thrilled to announce the launch of The Aware Show Podcast! Join Lisa every Tuesday for a new interview with a leading mind in personal development, health, science, spirituality, transformation, consciousness, and so much more.

Then, on Thursdays, join Lisa for a Best Of The Aware Show, an interview from the vaults of over 20 years of conversations.

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Join Lisa Garr on Being Aware on Hay House Radio, the Aware Show on FreeSpeechTV, and on The Aware Show on KPFK in Los Angeles and WBAI in New York as she interviews best-selling authors and experts in the fields of natural health, cutting-edge science, personal growth, and spirituality. She is also a regular weekend host on Coast to Coast AM and has one of the largest telesummit series on YouTube

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November 18, 2020

Dr. Eben AlexanderDr. Eben Alexander
Living in a Mindful Universe (re-air)

Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell are on the show today to talk about their insights into the true nature of consciousness and to answer the question confounding the entire scientific community: How do you explain the origins of consciousness if it is not a byproduct of the brain?  Listen as they discuss their upcoming book, Living in a Mindful Universe and the impact sacred acoustic music can have in the process of awakening.

November 19, 2020

Arjuna ArdaghArjuna Ardagh
Get Ready for Some Radical Brilliance! (re-air)

Do you know how or why people get original, life-changing ideas?  Today author Arjuna Ardagh guides us through the process of how brilliance can become a more predictable outcome. Listen as he describes the four different kinds of focus and explains in detail the four phases of the “Brilliance Cycle” and how you too, can lead a radically brilliant life.


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Becoming Aware

by Lisa Garr

Several years ago, Lisa suffered a brain injury during a California State Championship Mountain bike race, cracking her helmet in 13 places.

After her near-death experience while lying on the side of the mountain, she transformed her level of consciousness, and rebuilt her brain and her life using specific visualization techniques outlined in this book.