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Lisa's Story

From Brain Injury to Conscious Media Creator

Lisa's Story

From Brain Injury

to Conscious Media Creator

Lisa's Story

From Brain Injury to Conscious Media Creator

A Crash Landing of Epic Proportions

A journey of rebuilding from the ground up

Success is important to me, it always has been. When I was 19 years old I invented a multi-million dollar business in Hollywood that quickly consumed my life. I am a classic overachiever willing to work myself to the bone, sacrificing relationships and my own personal well being. 

At least, I used to be.

Approximately 20 years ago I was competing in the California State Mountain Bike Championship. This is an annual race that attracts top-tier bikers in the country as well as many from abroad. I had trained hard for this and was determined to achieve a personal best.

I started off strong and paced myself. It was a challenging course that had me fighting for my place at regular intervals, but I had maneuvered myself into 2nd place as we crested the final hill and approached the decline to the finish line. I was surprised to see my first place competitor’s back tire in my focus and I could see my path to victory right was within my grasp.


That was the last thing I remember.

Suddenly I found myself at the bottom of the hill with my helmet shattered in multiple places. I must have blacked out because I don’t remember falling off the bike. 

I ended up suffering a major traumatic episode to my brain which left me with missing pieces of my memory and my ability to speak incapacitated. I wasn’t able to take care of myself and I couldn’t run the business that represented my life’s meaning. What would it say about me if my business were to fail?

I found myself in a dark place. But, my mind kept going back to the moment after the accident as I lay there on the ground, the paramedics and my ex-boyfriend ( now husband ) rushing to my side and preparing me to be airlifted to the hospital as I floated in and out of consciousness. I suddenly felt my connection to life and the world around me. I became acutely aware of how energy flows between all life on the planet. How the barriers that separate us are mostly social constructs of the mind and once we realize the interconnectedness of all things, manifestation is within reach.

I decided to use this experience as a motivational pivot in my life. First, I realized that the medical institutions we’re not going to support me back to full health. In fact I was told that I would likely never regain a fully functional short-term memory. I decided to look for help from the people who were working on new discoveries in brain science.

As a student of personal development from a young age, I knew to reach out to the experts to help me rebuild my brain from neurofeedback specialists to personal development mentors, like Dr. Wayne Dyer. From this, I was able to keep my budding business going and repair my relationship with Jon, who would become my partner in life, and the father of my beautiful daughter, Kayla. 

Slowly I began to improve and each improvement brought me closer and closer to a fully functioning life. I found that it is possible to rebuild your life one step at a time.

Wayne Dyer and Lisa Garr

I decided that I wanted to bring what I had learned to the world, and so The Aware Show was born on Personal Development Radio. We went on the air on KPFK in November of 1999. Since that time we have also been syndicated on WBAI, New York City, and produced a show on Hay House Radio. We’ve also created Inspirations on Gaia, which currently has 11 seasons of interviews with over 240 episodes. The Aware Show can also be streamed on Free Speech TV and is now a podcast available on Apple Podcasts and many other platforms. I am also a regular guest host on Coast-to-Coast AM. Combined, I am thrilled to reach millions of listeners globally each month.

Deepak Chopra &Lisa Garr

Lisa Garr & Bruce Lipton

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Louise Hay & Lisa Garr


In 2015 I wrote my book, Becoming Aware: How to Repattern Your Brain and Revitalize Your Life, published by Hay House. In my book, I detail my recovery from my near-death experience (NDE) and describe how it catalyzed me to become a voice for change.

In 2015, I was invited to join the Transformational Leadership Council originally formed by Jack Canfield. 

In addition to my background in the healing arts, I happen to come from a long line of entertainers, including my aunt, actress Teri Garr, and my grandmother, Phyllis Garr, an original Radio City Music Hall Rockette. 

From its inception, The Aware Show has been dedicated to communicating information to inspire positive growth and change, and this continues to be our mission today. I can’t tell you how many times The Aware Show has saved my life.

We are all on a journey and our lessons are endless. Please join me on The Aware Show and join the conversation with the leading experts in transformation and conscious media. Stay aware.

In love and light,