Guest Highlight: Dr. Gwen Scott

Dr. Scott was a television news anchor for over thirty years. She co-anchored “The International Hour” on CNN. Dr. Scott also studied natural medicine throughout her life with healers from all over the world She was degreed Naturopathic Doctor from Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, AL. Dr. Scott’s passion for natural medicine began in a very personal way. In her twenties she was extremely ill. After seven surgeries and many drugs she was still failing.
A friend offered to take her to see Chief Two Trees, the head medicine man of the Cherokee People. Three months later, Dr. Scott was completely well with the use of natural herbs, diet, and supplements. Since that time, Dr. Scott has been dedicated to learning all she can about natural medicine. Her website is

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Gwen offers a wealth of information about natural remedies to combat common every day ailments.  She covers emergency remedies, kitchen remedies, spices as medicinals and so much more!

Lisa Garr interviews Dr. Gwen Scott on June 19, 2008 on KPFK

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