“Becoming Aware” Guide


A special collection of tools and techniques that are very dear to me. Each one of these helped me through my near tragic accident, and I still use them today to become the person that I am.

After suffering my traumatic brain injury, I learned a series of mental exercises and visualizations from the greatest personal development masters in the world.
The same practices I used to heal my brain and regain my cognition have also served to make me a better parent, a more successful businesswoman, and a stronger force for positive change in the world.

Before my accident, I was…
Distant in my relationships
Distracted in my business
Unfocused on my direction in life
Unaware of my true purpose in life
Stuck in daily patterns that did not serve my highest good

Discover how you too can “Become Aware”…

Product Description

You don’t need a life-threatening injury to discover these life changing techniques and processes. I’ve put them all together for you so you can begin using these tools today.

What You Get with the Becoming Aware Guide:
7 Video Lessons to Increase Your Awareness

The Elevator of Consciousness
Practical Business Tools
Going On a Noise Diet
Health and Eating
Conscious Parenting
Healthy Relationships
Spiritual Guidance

4 Guided Meditation MP3s

Deep Relaxation
Your Pinnacle Moment
Everything Changes
Expanded Consciousness

BONUS: My 2 Most Powerful Processes

Remembering Your Future
Jumping Into the Quantum