Dr Andy Newberg – Discourses on Enlightenment

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Dr. Andrew Newberg’s Discourses on Enlightenment

In this groundbreaking, authoritative offer, Dr. Newberg has created a unique series of videos for The Aware Show which contains the newest in-depth research on the Neurotheology of meditation and enlightenment. Inspiring, valuable and educational, Discourses on Enlightenment is a comprehensive map to your life goals. Dr. Newberg is a leading expert on this important subject and this program is destined to become a classic you will treasure.

Product Description

Item 1. Discourses on Enlightenment Video Series by Dr. Andrew Newberg

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This item contains MP4 digital download video files that are immediately available online from The Aware Show.

This comprehensive 7 video series by Dr. Andrew Newberg reveals his newest research about these important topics on the Neurotheology of Enlightenment.

You will learn:

  • Spiritual Practices and the Brain
  • Which Meditation Practices is Right for You?
  • Compassion and the Brain
  • Enlightenment and the Brain
  • The Metaphysical Mind
  • Principles of Neurotheology
  • Reality and the Brain


Item 2.Finding the Right Meditation Practice

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This item is a PDF digital download document and is available immediately online from The Aware Show

If you want to start meditating, or if you have meditated for a long time, Dr. Newberg provides you with some ideas for simple meditation practices that might help to alter your brain’s functions and change the way you think about your reality.

These meditating suggestions come from some of the research studies he has been involved in over the years as well as reviewing basic approaches to these practices.

Bonus 1. Toward a Unifying Taxonomy and Definition for Meditation

This item is a PDF digital download document and is available immediately online from The Aware Show

In recent years there have been several notable attempts to formulate new lexicons in order to define and categorize meditation methods. This paper attempts to influence this ongoing discussion by proposing two new models which hold the potential for enhanced scientific reliability and acceptance.

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