Dr Pedram Shojai – LIFE MASTERY Program

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Eliminate Everything That Is Holding You Back
Feel Your Best And Taste Success

Product Description

Item 1. LIFE MASTERY Program

Retail Value $497

Weekly Calls, Audio Tracks, Streaming Videos and PDF Guides

Find Your Personal Path to Freedom

This 3 month / 12 module course on Life Mastery teaches you a proven system for success!

Most people are bound by their ill health, their financial burdens, the family dramas, and their inner demons. This course is designed to help you identify where your energy drains are and how to shore them up. It helps you see through the clutter and identify a personal plan for success using a powerful system of personal transformation.

It sometimes takes an outside nudge to get us back on our path, and the key to success with this program is learning how to use this proven system to stand guard, and not let old habits creep back in. Just follow the protocols and watch your life improve.

With the LIFE MASTERY Program you will get:

  • Access to 12 Weekly Modules
  • Additional Resources for each Module
  • Weekly Calls with Pedram for Q&A
  • Several Meditation Tracks and Lessons
  • Several video resources including, exercise, recipes, sleep tips, yoga exercises and more
  • Tai Chi and Qi Gong Instructions with Detailed Videos
  • Expert Interviews Exclusively Found in Program
  • A Personal LIFE GARDEN PDF
  • Access to Our Community of Students
  • Access to protected content not available to the public


Dr. Pedram Shojai is a physician, Qi Gong Master, Author, Film Producer, seasoned martial artist, and successful businessman. He’s got a lot going on and people always ask him, “How do you do it all?”

So, he decided to share his secrets.

Dr. Shojai spent 3 months recording and refining a course for you, and it is now ready to roll out. He took a powerful 3 day seminar called “Energy Economics” and blended it with his higher level “Life Mastery” course because he wanted a single resource where students can learn to get out of their own way and achieve true mastery, happiness, health, and wealth in life.

This may sound lofty but he’s been teaching Fortune 100 CEOs, elite athletes, and dedicated students these skills for the past 15 years. The LIFE MASTERY Program is a blended course that is less expensive and available to more people than his regular weekend seminars, which run $2,000 and higher. What he created is a 3 month, 12 module course with all the resources needed to learn how succeed in your diet, career, and relationship goals.

Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like If You Could…

  • Get More Energy From Cleaning up Your Inefficiencies.
  • Learn How to Resolve Emotional Blockage And Get Out of Your Own Way.
  • Maximize The Benefits Of Sleep And Feel Rested And Energized Daily.
  • Learn How to Control Your Stress Response and Be Calm and Focused All Day.
  • Have the Energy Needed to Make Your Dreams a Reality
  • Fall Seven Times. Rise Eight. Life Begins Now.
  • Get Your Life Focused And Clear, So You Can Work Towards
Your Goals.


Create A Life Garden And Direct Your Future
Effective People Stay Focused On Their Dreams.
Get more focused and clear with your goals
Manage your time better
Learn better boundaries with the people in your life
Learn easy relaxation techniques that calm your mind and body when stressed
Make a plan that you can stick to and have a framework that helps you follow through
Understand what’s important to you and learn to cut away the distractions
Build your personal power and develop stronger willpower
Spend time generating more energy and clarity everyday so you can rest more AND get more done

Bonus 1. Vitality Conference

Retail Value: $99

This item contains access to the online program with numerous resources and some special surprises

Join Dr. Pedram Shojai, Founder of Well.Org, producer of the movie “Vitality”, and author of “Rise and Shine” in a no-nonsense virtual conference about life, vitality, energy, having purpose, clean living, and things that really matter.

Pedram’s “tell it like it is” style will engage the biggest names in health, wellness, and fitness to loosen up, be themselves, and get into the good stuff. It’s never a dull moment with these guys.


The Experts

Learn more about each speaker and their session!

From Fat and Tired to Robust and Healthy: A Personal Journey with Sage Wisdom and Humor – with Abel James

Your Hormones are the Hidden Messengers: How to Boost Vitality with Balanced Hormones – with Sara Gottfried, MD

Food Allergies and the Stuff that Can Trip You Up
– with JJ Virgin

Health is More than Calories: How to Gain Happiness and Peace – with Cynthia Pasquella

The Bulletproof Way: Vitality is Not the Absence of Symptoms – with Dave Asprey

Keeping it Real by Listening to Your Body: Why Doing the Right Thing is Personal and Critical – with Alex Jamieson

Micronutrient Deficiencies and Why We Stay Unhealthy and Overweight – with Jayson & Mira Calton

The Nuts and Bolts of Why We’re Sick- Toxins, Bad Food, and Everything Else You Need to Know – with Tom Malterre

Greening up Your Life to Get Healthy: How the Stuff All Around Us is Making Us Sick – with David Gottfried

Why Gluten is an Issue and What it Does to Your Thyroid – with Izabella Wentz

Using Subliminal Programming to Get Edge: How New Technology Can Help You Hit Your Goals – with Natalie Ledwell

Keeping the Heart Healthy – with Dr. Steven Masley

Raw Health, as Told by a Guy who Healed Himself – with Shawn Stevenson

The Psychology of Eating and Why We Fail at Diets – with Marc David

Remembering the Kitchen: Insights on How to Cook Healthy at Home – with Leanne Ely

Fat is Not the Bad Guy – with Jonny Bowden

Qi, The Energy of Life – with Tristan Truscott

The Art of ChiRunning – with Danny Dreyer

Sleep, The Missing Ingredient – with Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky

Negative Self-Image Can Derail the Best of Us – with Tricia Greaves Nelson

Vitality and Abundance Are the Same – with Sean Croxton

Easily stream all 21 sessions and watch on your computer, tablet or phone. And you can download the sessions as videos (MP4), audios (MP3) and transcripts (PDF) to enjoy in your car, on vacation, or whenever you‘re offline.

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